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Jason Seifert
Business Name:
JMS Technical Solutions
Business Description:
I provide full service technical support, technical training and audio/visual support to the small business and the home user.
How Business Creates Value:
I believe that fixing a clients issue is only doing half the job, teaching my client to fix their problems is the highest and best use of my time and my clients money.
How Member Creates Value:
I have spent my whole life developing strong interpersonal communication skills that allow me to be an effective teacher to my technologically challenged customers.

What I Do.

I am the swiss army geek. The goal of my business is to be a total technical resource for individuals and small businesses. If you need any form of technical assistance or training involving, computers, cell phones, tablets, a/v etc I am your one stop technical guru. I am constantly on top of new technology and am thrilled to give buying advice to anyone looking to buy a new machine. Feel like your computer hates you: let me help you become friends.

What sets me apart?

I prefer to have a long list of empowered customer rather than a short list of totally dependent ones. To that end much of my focus in my business is about teaching my clients to be more and more self reliant. Because of this I am often referred to as a teacher rather than a consultant, but I am happy to be whatever my clients need me to be in the end.

Contact Information



  • Computers and tablets
  • Apple Products
  • Graphic and Website Design
  • Professional Audio Engineer
  • Professional Video engineer
  • D/J
  • Problem Solver
  • Nerd
  • Communication


  • Technology
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Outdoorsmanship
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Learning
  • Self Improvement


  • 20 years Computer Support


  • English