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Quick Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder

Stop keeping a million tabs open. It slows you and your computer down. Get up every 45 minutes and move around. When you sit back down you will feel greatly re-energized. Embrace keyboard shortcuts and macros. Shortcuts allow you to navigate your computer more quickly and macros can save time by performing a series of commands with […]

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

Smile sincerely and use the person’s name  – Project a warm energy that draws people towards you. Encourage the person to speak – Ask questions about the person’s passions, work and interest. Give honest and sincere appreciation – Show the person how much you genuinely understand and respect them. Make the person feel important – […]

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How to Sound Polished and Professional

Know what you really sound like – Record yourself having a conversation on your phone’s voice memo app and prepared to be surprised. You likely sound totally different than you thought you did. Lose the up-talk – Does every sentence sound like a question? It makes you sound unsure of yourself and it’s distracting. To practice speaking […]

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Overcoming Price Objections

The most common objections to sealing the deal – That Costs too much! You’re too expensive! We’ve got no budget right now. Step 1 “Exactly what do you mean by that?”  To do: Qualify what they mean by “cost too much”? Compared to what? Competitor? Another product? Not worth it? Step 2 : “More Expensive […]

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Great Starts to a Memorable Presentation

Tell a captivating story. Stories draw people in, remind them of their own lives and hold their attention. Ask a rhetorical, thought-provoking question. When crafted and delivered well, rhetorical questions can influence the audience to believe in the position of the speaker. State a shocking statistic or headline. Statistics or claims need to be directly related to […]

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Actionable Business Growth Tips

Learn from others businesses mistakes and avoid making the same ones. Do what you say. Always. Your reputation depends on this. Identify your target market and speak to them – don’t try to be everything to everyone. Accept that you don’t know everything. Build, nurture and leverage business relationships. Hire people who can do what you can’t do […]

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Urgent vs. Important

We often get so caught up doing what is urgent that we have no time for the important tasks that require our attention everyday. Use this Time Management tool when prioritizing your daily activities. IMPORTANT & URGENT (DO RIGHT AWAY)– These tasks should be cleared away as soon as possible, as they are often not […]

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