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12 Productivity Tips from Incredibly Busy People

Have a single purpose Ruthlessly block out distractions Set a strict time limit on meetings Set up productivity rituals Get up earlier Group your interruptions Outsource personal chores Set up email rules to maintain sanity Capture all creative ideas Increase your effectiveness through technology Don’t lose it; read it later Learn from others TheSilverPen.com

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5 Steps to More Clients

Be specific – Thinking everyone is your client is like trying to sell a bald man a curling iron…he probably doesn’t need it…so think about a very specific type of person you want to attract. Know what problem you help with – It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what products you offer; […]

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8 Ways to Make the Most of Attending a Conference

By Rachel Tulipano So, you’re attending a conference for work, what a fantastic opportunity! Conferences are excellent events to expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and make lasting contacts. Think of conferences as mega networking opportunities. Events like these are great for professionals of any age (but especially novice professionals) to broaden experience levels. After all, […]

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Must Have Skills for Success

Confidence If you don’t believe in you, who will? Not everyone is blessed with natural confidence, but the good news is you can appear confident even if you don’t feel it! With a little practice, you can fake it ’til you make it. Communication You’ll be hard pressed to find a job that doesn’t require […]

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4 Unconventional Business Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

www.amintademadura.com I’ve been in business since my early twenties, and one of the most interesting business tips I’ve picked up along the way is understanding that business success depends on so much more than just having incredible knowledge and great strategy. In fact, you can know a ton about business and still fall flat on […]

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11 Things Ultra Productive People Do

They never touch things twice.  Productive people never put anything in a holding pattern, because touching things twice is a huge time-waster. Don’t save an email or a phone call to deal with later. As soon as something gets your attention you should act on it, delegate it or delete it. They get ready for tomorrow […]

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