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The Art of the Follow Up

by George Deeb Given how important good selling techniques are to driving revenues, I am shocked how many entrepreneurs and salespeople are just bad at working their leads. This includes things like not following up on leads (or following up too much) and not knowing how to break down barriers, to get the lead to actually […]

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3 Benefits of Meeting Face-to-Face

Despite our increasingly digital world–or maybe because of it–the power of in-person interactions is now more valuable than ever. Sure, social media, e-mail, video chat and other forms of electronic communication are great for meeting new people, communicating across distances and maintaining connections, but it’s those face-to-face meetings that foster trust and lead to solid, […]

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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

by Felicia Tsung Some people say business cards are dead. They claim the likes of LinkedIn and other contact management apps have rendered them obsolete. Business cards, they say, are the last vestiges of the bygone era of paper and print. Those people are wrong. Full disclosure here: I work for a printing company and […]

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How to Request Referrals Without Asking for a Thing

by Sasha Matista Word-of-mouth marketing is great for every type of business, but it truly is the life blood of small businesses. Not only is traditional advertising more expensive, small business owners and entrepreneurs operate with the understood advantage of being able to offer personalized service the way big brands simply can’t. In a crowded […]

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10 Trade Show Tips to Make Your Next Exhibit a Huge Success

by Darrell Zahorsky There is no substitute for live, in-person events for small business owners. From small business conferences to trade shows, there are many reasons to get out there for face-to-face networking opportunities. There are many tactics your small business can use to ensure a winning trade show; here are ten powerful tips. 1. Pick an Offbeat Show […]

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Rules for an Effective Business Card

By Alyssa Gregory Business card rules for every small business owner. Having an effective business card is not as simple as listing your name and contact information on a small 3.5″ x 2″ card. In fact, there are thousands of ways you can format your business card, many options when it comes to the information you include, […]

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