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Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

by Katherine Hurst Paraphrasing  Paraphrasing and summarizing are both fantastic communication skills that help you to make sense of a speaker’s points and also allow you to demonstrate that you are listening closely. Consistent Eye Contact    Be sure to tailor your eye contact to the needs of others, too—if you’re dealing with someone anxious, […]

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Top 5 Presentation Dos & Don’ts

Do – Learn Your Material – Take the time to commit your material to memory.  An educated speaker is worth listening to and will keep the audience engaged. Don’t – Read from the Slides – Nothing is more boring than a presenter using their slides as a script. Show them your shining personality, not your […]

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How do I Differentiate Myself? Personal Branding

IMPRESSION – A first impression is important. it’s how people will remember you. PERSONALITY – Your personality is what attracts and engages people. INTERESTS – Make yourself more memorable by sharing your interests and passions. EDUCATION – Did you earn a unique degree or attend a prestigious institution? SKILLS – What are some hard and soft skills you possess. ex. […]

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How These 16 Words Affect Your Close Rate

By Chris Orlob Research has shown that overusing “filler words” creates a slightly negative perception of the speaker. But do filler words actually have a meaningful impact on sales outcomes? As salespeople, we pride ourselves on being professional communicators. Filler words make most of us cringe. But professional communicators can sometimes be too nitpicky (attend […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Sales

Sales isn’t easy.  Don’t make it harder. Not honoring your word – The best way to lose trust. Don’t overcommit. Honesty is the best policy. Not listening – Obvious, right? You would think so, but all to often sales reps are all talk. Insincerity – Do you like getting spam? We sure don’t. Make emails […]

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4 Creative Ways to Network

For many of us, “networking” is close to a dirty word. Most people dread showing up to events with the sole purpose of selling themselves to strangers—all of them busy trying to sell themselves, too—in hopes of walking away with new connections that might lead to new positions, experience, and opportunities. The problem with traditional […]

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