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How to Effortlessly Sell What You Do

How to effortlessly sell what you do with 3 simple questions. 1. Know exactly who you’re selling to Shocking, right? Listen, I know you know this. I know you know you need to have a target audience. You need a customer avatar. You need to find your niche. You know all of this, right? Only, chances are, you’re doing […]

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5 Steps to More Clients

Be specific – Thinking everyone is your client is like trying to sell a bald man a curling iron…he probably doesn’t need it…so think about a very specific type of person you want to attract. Know what problem you help with – It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what products you offer; […]

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Marketing Yourself in 60 Seconds

by Jenn T Grace A couple of years ago I had a chance to network with the local LGBT chamber of commerce here in Connecticut for the first time as just a member. For many years I’ve been running the organization and always actively promoted what the chamber did but never my business. It was my first day of […]

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How to Get Testimonials and Referrals

by Leslie Treux Today, few people spend their money without first reading reviews or asking people they trust for a referral. The good news is that few marketing tactics deliver new clients or customers as well for little expense than testimonials and referrals. The bad news is you have to have a system for obtaining and sharing them. […]

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3 Simple Reason Why You Never Stick to Your Goals

It’s a new year, and everyone’s making new year’s resolutions and goals. As I said in my power words post, I used to have a strained relationship with goal setting. Although I’m not a procrastinator in the traditional sense (I’m very productive when there’s external accountability), I used to have a tumultuous relationship with personal goals – […]

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How to Turn Inquiries into New Clients

www.thealishanicole.com As a service based creative-preneur, our days can often be filled with responding back to potential client inquiries. I mean this is awesome because it shows that people are actually trusting your expertise and believe you are worth investing in. The downfall to new inquiries though is just  that, they are JUST inquires. You […]

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Ways to Make your Customers and Clients Love You

from www.hersignaturelife.com It’s time to give your people some love back. Create value.  Blog, share helpful resources and information. Birthday cards/calls. Handwritten cards/notes. Customer experience.  Create an action plan to blow your customer’s socks off. Random giveaways/Free samples. Respond to social media comments. Build genuine relationships.  Ask for their opinions and feedback. Keep in touch […]

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10 Ways to Make Running a Solo Business Easier on Yourself

from XOSarah.com There are times, as a solorpreneur, when you feel as though both of your hands, each of your eyes, and the right and left side of your brain are all working on different things. You’re Pinteresting and answering email and scanning Twitter and reading a blog post and creating graphics and scheduling calls for next week all at the same time. Somehow it all […]

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