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Great Starts to a Memorable Presentation

Tell a captivating story. Stories draw people in, remind them of their own lives and hold their attention. Ask a rhetorical, thought-provoking question. When crafted and delivered well, rhetorical questions can influence the audience to believe in the position of the speaker. State a shocking statistic or headline. Statistics or claims need to be directly related to […]

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Actionable Business Growth Tips

Learn from others businesses mistakes and avoid making the same ones. Do what you say. Always. Your reputation depends on this. Identify your target market and speak to them – don’t try to be everything to everyone. Accept that you don’t know everything. Build, nurture and leverage business relationships. Hire people who can do what you can’t do […]

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What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

Your business card is your most basic marketing tool. It must give your correct address and other contact information. You can only communicate effectively with accurate information. Time and time again, we’ve all encountered those who fail to appreciate this. People hand you their business card and immediately say, “But that information is wrong”. Your […]

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How to Give a GREAT Speech

Paint pictures and evoke emotions – Use strong language to empower your presentation, which paints a picture for your listeners and makes it easier for them to remember what you said.   Set a Scene – Setting a scene at the beginning of your presentation will evoke emotions in your audience, lowering their filters and […]

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5 Ways to Master Making Small Talk

You’ve heard it a million times: First impressions are everything. Small talk is key to getting off on the right foot with someone new. Remember this study, which showed that recruiters are drawn to candidates with strong small talk skills? So, yes, it’s pretty key to your professional growth, on top of its obvious importance […]

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