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8 Ways to Make the Most of Attending a Conference

By Rachel Tulipano So, you’re attending a conference for work, what a fantastic opportunity! Conferences are excellent events to expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and make lasting contacts. Think of conferences as mega networking opportunities. Events like these are great for professionals of any age (but especially novice professionals) to broaden experience levels. After all, […]

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Marketing Yourself in 60 Seconds

by Jenn T Grace A couple of years ago I had a chance to network with the local LGBT chamber of commerce here in Connecticut for the first time as just a member. For many years I’ve been running the organization and always actively promoted what the chamber did but never my business. It was my first day of […]

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Networking for Introverts: A Primer

Is networking for introverts even, like, POSSIBLE? I mean, does anyone actually like networking – introverted or otherwise? For a long time, the thought of networking made me roll my eyes so hard I’d incite migraines.  In fact, a friend jokes that my business card should actually read “Don’t talk to me.” But!  Then I realized […]

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Up Your Networking Referrals

By Larry James What is your commitment to giving business referrals to other members in your networking group? OR… are you only in it for you? Successful networking requires commitment. Hopefully you know by now that seldom does it work unless you are consistently meeting new people and making new friends. But that’s not all. […]

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5 Ways to Be More Memorable in 30 Seconds or Less

by Meredith Lepore The average human loses concentration ability after 8 seconds (which is shorter than a goldfish’s attention span, so that’s awesome), so we’ve got our work cut out for us when it comes to being memorable. Below, five ways to tackle that in 30 seconds or less: 1. Use a “connection story.” When someone asks what you […]

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