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Plan a Successful Day

Get an Early Start – Gain 10-20 minutes and see the difference. Picture the Desired Results – Set this as your intention for the day. Set Your Schedule. List Your To Do’s. – Batch similar task for ultimate efficiency. Prioritize Healthy Habits – Plan out your meals, snacks and exercise. Select Your Top Three – […]

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How to Fake a Clean House

We’ve all left the chores of cleaning up before a party till the last minute.  But as long as your house isn’t a complete disaster, it only takes a few minutes to make it look pulled together.  We asked green-cleaning expert Leslie Reichert, the author of The Joy of Green Cleaning, for her speed-cleaning checklist. […]

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10 Fun Facts About June

June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. June’s birthstone is the pearl, the Moonstone and the Alexandrite. The June birth flower is the Rose (Rosa) and the Honeysuckle (Lonicera). In 2009 June was the 662 most popular name for girls in the USA. Anglo-Saxons gave the […]

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Out of Sight is Out of Mind

I REALLY want to share this message with you. I have been working in the “Referral Group/Networking Group” industry for over 25 years. I have been a member of a referral organization, spent 10 years as an executive with another large referral organization, and have had my company TEAM Referral Network, for 11 years. I […]

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Crazy Sales Stats (Follow Up)

Someone on Linkedin shared this stat with me last Friday regarding sales and their follow up. I was completely shocked! Makes me question a few things… Makes me question a few things… Are organizations just not teaching sales how to follow up? Are companies so boggled down with deals they have no time to follow […]

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