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Anne Crook
Business Name:
Integrative Radiance
Business Description:
Anne is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, AADP, Holding Space Consultant, and Certified Birth Doula, CD(DONA). She has worked in many facets of healthcare for the past 20 years with regard to holding space for life’s sacred thresholds. She is passionate about supporting clients to heal and transform their body-mind-spirit from the inside out. As a Certified Health Coach, she specializes in mental health & wellness, autoimmunity, gut health, cancer prevention, and emotional healing from post-traumatic stress. Through her Holding Space Consultations, she brings a compassionate presence to clients as they explore the deeper meaning of “soul care” while courageously navigating life changes, such as a life-altering diagnosis. Whether that be through dietary and lifestyle protocols or supporting clients to integrate the emotional aspect of chronic disease, she empowers people to turn adversity into their seeds of greatness. So they can shift out of feeling stuck in a chronic "dis-ease" state and create a healing mindset moving forward. Instead of surviving, they begin truly THRIVING, and transform their lives for the better as a result.
How Business Creates Value:
Integrative Radiance creates value through empowering others to move beyond chronic "dis-ease" states, once they have been faced with a life-altering diagnosis like cancer, and transform their lives for the better. So that they are not just "surviving," but truly THRIVING. Through holding space for the emotional aftermath of a major diagnosis, Anne's compassionate presence and skillful expertise empowers clients to turn their adversity into their seeds of greatness. So they create deeper meaning making moving forward, shift out of feeling stuck, and integrate the emotional aspect of chronic disease. Clients unleash a new sense of possibility on their healing journey as they discover greater self-love in the process, and the profound gifts of their diagnosis. Their lives become "better than ever" as a result.


  • Transformational Coach, Speaker, Writer, Wellness Workshop Facilitator, and Multilingual in English/Spanish/French.


  • Bachelor of Arts/French & European Studies, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, AADP, Certified Birth Doula, CD(DONA), Certified Medical Interpreter, CMI - Spanish


  • Holistic Health & Wellness, Travel, Languages, Waterfall Hikes, Biking, Creative Writing, Nutrition, Gardening, Functional Medicine/Integrative Health


  • English, Spanish, and French