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Caryn White
Business Name:
Life & Mindset Coach
Business Description:
Inner Happiness Mastery is a Life & Mindset coaching business servicing the English speaking world globally, with a focus on supporting expats (effectively people who live outside their home country). Inner Happiness Mastery supports our clients with 3 key pillars: Awareness of Self Believing in Self Connecting to Self Underlying desire is for our clients to find their inner power and inner happiness as this is a true gift to be able to guide them towards, because when they find that it will stay with them throughout their life journey.
How Business Creates Value:
When a person is able to look in the mirror and see who they truly are they will be able to set SMART goals on this awareness that they will stay committed to long term. As they take the small action steps towards this big priority they will begin to see the results throughout this journey and with this will be the self-confidence in themselves and a strengthening in the belief of who they truly are. With this awareness and belief in self they will feel that connection to what their heart desires and with that a true connection to self.
How Member Creates Value:
Having lived outside of her home country of New Zealand since 2003 across Australia, Singapore & China plus working in several different industries with people across the globe, Caryn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the business plus a level of authenticity as an Expat currently living in Singapore with her family. It was through the pain and discomfort that Caryn experienced and, is now so grateful for, that she discovered her passion and with that was presented the opportunity for her to live her purpose of helping others, In her coaching Caryn incorporates the Jay Shetty Life Coaching values and beliefs which further strengthen how she can support people to find their inner power and inner happiness.