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Craig Korotko Director
Business Name:
TEAM Referral Network
Business Description:
Helping business owners, contract workers, and W2 employees who are in independent roles (mortgage brokers, realtors, sales reps) to greater success in their professional and personal life. We accomplish this through inviting qualified individuals to become members in TEAM referral network chapters, Executive (B2B only) TEAM chapters, and SoCal MasterMind chapters.
How Business Creates Value:
TEAM and MasterMind chapters have been proven to provide their members with more high quality leads per invested time and money than any other method. MasterMind groups are not referral groups, but are designed to provide very fast and effective improvements in skills and methods. TEAM members learn pubic speaking and leadership. Both organizations provide tremendous opportunities for long term business relationships and friendships.
How Member Creates Value:
I have amassed a huge data base of individuals and businesses in the Inland Empire who need services. I can find you a great resource when you need it, and I can provide you with leads to qualified buyers.

What Is Executive TEAM

Most referral organizations encourage the members to find other "power partners" who are most likely to provide leads to one another. People in the medical field can refer others in the medical field. In Executive TEAM, everyone attending is a power partner, in that everyone in the room sells to other local businesses. This provides for many more leads for those who are B2B than they would get in other referral groups.

What is MasterMind

While it may be satisfying and even exhilarating to be running your own show, it is almost always lonely. Who do you share your hopes, dreams, expectations, fears, and problems with? Who can you trust? Who can provide wise council. A MasterMind group is made up of 6-12 peers who know what it is like to be you. They feel your pain and can provide solutions based on real experience. They understand your challenges and opportunities. They can help you prioritize and improve on each aspect of your business. They don't have a dog in the hunt, so they can be honest in their evaluation of you and your business. They will hold you accountable for your promises to change.


  • Craig Korotko is a creative, results oriented C-Suite executive with extensive experience and achievement in creating technology solutions that deliver products and services to the financial industry. Adept at defining technology vision and direction that align with business strategies and inter-industry transactions, his extensive experience includes organizational management, problem identification and resolution, workflow and efficiency analysis, and training. Craig is a strategic thinker who combines his IT and financial industry background to lead successful teams and individuals in various industries.


  • Certified Business Coach with FocalPoint Coaching


  • Travel
  • Cruising
  • Home Automation
  • Home Theater (including 120" screen and popcorn cart)


  • Craig Korotko is able to leverage his 30+ years as an Executive Manager in Corporate America and adapt the "very best of" Brian Tracy's entrepreneurial and professional development structure and strategy into real world situations. Craig enables his clients to have clear direction, focus and achieve quantifiable success in all areas of their business.


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