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E.H. Howard
Business Name:
The Design Office
Business Description:
Somewhere, among your clients, is that one special client. You know the one. The one that gets you, they really get you. It’s the client you love because it never feels like work. It’s not understatement to say that they are truly a dream come true.   I know you’d never admit it in polite company, but you wish ya’ had a hundred of them, right? I know I do. My dream client was Betty. I loved when she’d call; whether it was to start a new project or just to ask a question. I appreciated that she saw me as a resource, a trusted partner, and not as a typical vendor. Betty was awesome and I desperately wanted to work with more clients like her. How amazing would life be with a hundred clients like Betty? It’d be pretty freakin’, awesome right?  But is that even possible? It is and it’s easy to do.   We help you find your Betty. That client you want more of. Your dream client might be a Bob, a Sam, maybe even a Heather....who knows, but in the end they are all the same. A client who gets you and who you love to work with. Even a small handful of those dream clients can make you feel satisfied, fulfilled, and more importantly appreciated.   Are you ready to find your Betty? Are you ready to grow your business, increase sales and decrease the lookie Lou’s who waste your time. If that sounds like you, we can help!
How Business Creates Value:
We are a resource for small business, not your traditional vendor. We coach small business owners on how to harness their business reputation and transform into a powerful brand. A brand that makes any business easy to remember, hard to forget and simple to share. We won't change you, we just refine how you talk about yourself. Whether you participate in a Brand Camp, our brand development workshops, use WORK our step by step branding manual or attend one of our small business town halls, Brand Chats. We’ve made branding so easy any business can increase sales, decrease showroom shoppers and improve their sales and marketing efforts.

You're More Than A Logo...

Almost every small business owner thinks a logo is all they need as far as branding and marketing is concerned. They assume that if they have a killer logo, then the sky will be the bluest blue, water will taste fresher and life will be easy. Typically those are the business’ that don’t survive their first year. Your business needs to be built on a foundation, a strong base. Without that base everything will eventually implode. A logo is the cherry on the cake. It’s not the reason you buy the cake. At some point, no matter how pretty the packaging, without depth, the product, or business, is going to fail. A logo should tell shoppers a story, it should never be the full story. Your logo is the visual representation of your brand. It’s an icon that tells the story of your business to potential shoppers. It should be a reminder of who you are, what you do and why you’re different. It’s a method for telling stories, it should never be the message. If someone doesn’t know why your unique and the right business for them, the logo is meaningless. Overdecorating a dry vanilla cake, in the end still leaves you with a dry vanilla cake and a bad taste in your mouth. You have to wonder what happens once the initial excitement wears off. It’s not a matter of what you see, but what’s inside. BRAND.DESIGNOFFICE.US


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  • The Design Office