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Emily Velasco
Business Name:
Business Description:
Beautycounter is the leader in clean. As a safer skincare consultant my job is to educate you about ingredients to avoid, and why Beautycounter is different from other skincare companies. Beautycounter's 5 Unique Pillars: Safety - Holistic, science-based approach to ingredient safety and evaluation Sustainability - Comprehensive focus on environmental impact from packaging to climate Responsible Sourcing - Tackle high risk materials to increase transparency and traceability in supply chain Advocacy - Use the power of collective action to tirelessly advocate for more health protective laws Efficacy - Relentlessly innovating clean, high-performing products
How Business Creates Value:
I know everyone has a choice where they shop and who they shop with. I take care of my clients as if they were me! I am happy to provide samples to fit their skincare needs so they are comfortable with their purchase. My clients see how amazing our products are, how it improves their skin and how long they last!
How Member Creates Value:
Skin care is very personal and not everything works for everyone. That is why I spend a lot of time providing samples and products for my clients to try first. It is very important to me people find the right products that fit their needs.

Who Am I

I am a mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter. I am a friend, a neighbor, a teacher. Providing healthy options for my family is very important and learning about the skin care industry and how we can choose products that won't harm our health was a very eye-opening experience for me. I have 4 dogs (small!) and I am not allowed anymore, per-my husband. ;) I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

My Why

When my oldest son was around 2, he had sever reactions to sunscreen. We learned he was allergic to the chemicals and needed to use a chemical-free sunscreen. When I was introduced to Beautycounter sunscreen was the first item I looked at as I was always looking for a better one. I was amazed at all the harmful ingredients I found in my products and decided to trash it all and start over! Start safer! The need for safer products and to educate others has been a growing passion since I started. Beautycounter has been an amazing journey for me - not only allowing my family to learn about safer products but it has brought a lot of friends into my life I would not have met otherwise.


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