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Gina Willard
Business Name:
Gina Willard Insurance Services
Business Description:
We place and service Business (Commercial) Insurance clients for many business owners. Your coverages are tailored to your needs based on your exposure. It's like a haircut, not everyone's hair is cut the same. You are unique so is your business!
How Business Creates Value:
The value of my Agency can only be experienced. People talk about good service but what does that mean? What are your expectations? You make the decisions, we make available the options!
How Member Creates Value:
My value is plain and simple....I'm there! You have a claim, I'm there, you need more education, you need a seasoned veteran to train your staff on insurance coverage and how it works, I'm there! Oh and I don't charge ridiculous Broker Fees.

Commercial Insurance Agent specializing in Workers' Compensation

I've worked in this industry for 35 years and been employed by small to large firms. What I do know is that every business deserves to be treated with respect, be educated and have a choice in what they "choose" to be insured for and what they feel their business needs are. The premise of insurance is standard (transferring risk) but not every Agent nor every Company is the same, I'll show you....

I love what I do, to help and serve business owners with their needs.

I design and place insurance products for my clients and education for all. If you're going to buy a policy you should know how it works, plain and simple. If you need extra service or training for your employees I can help. Call me, you'll see, my service standards will exceed your expectations!


  • 35 + years of experience in this field
  • If I haven't done it or experienced it, I can find what you need!


  • Certified Insurance Service Representative


  • Traveling
  • Karoke
  • Bowling
  • Volunteering


  • Owner-Producer - Gina Willard Insurance


  • English