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Jeffrey Lee
Business Name:
Spectrum Business
Business Description:
I help small and medium sized businesses with their telecom, mobile, and data needs for their office. I also specialize in setting up Home Office accounts with Spectrum Business.
How Business Creates Value:
During turbulent times its nice to know we don't require contracts or signatures to set up new services. You need the ability to change things up at a moments notice. However, we still provide value with our faster internet speeds and lower price offerings.
How Member Creates Value:
I take pride in knowing my customers can contact me via text, phone, or email with any concerns or questions about their services. Although I'm not an account manager, I know the service doesn't stop with the sale. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of how I do business.

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum extends mobile services for as little as $14 per month. With the vast majority of people working from home or staying inside an office it's not uncommon to be on a WiFi connection 95% of the time. So why pay for an Unlimited Data plan when you don't need to. -Keep your same number - Use your same phone (in most cases) - Mobile Hotspots

Single Point of Contact

I can serve as a Single Point of Contact for multiple locations across the country. This is valuable to various types of people and industries. - Franchise Business Owners - Commercial Leasing Agents/Owners - IT Vendors - Phone System/VOIP Vendors - Electricians - Alarm/Security Companies - Commercial Construction/Developers


  • Business Consulting
  • Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Website Design
  • Bible Teacher


  • Ordained Minister
  • Life Coach/Strategist Certified


  • Singing, Acting, Social Media Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Youth Motivation


  • Motivational Speaker
  • Mentor
  • Minister
  • Youth Pastor
  • Telecom