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Jen Southern
Business Name:
Young Living
Business Description:
Young Living Essential Oils is the industry leader, pioneering techniques and processes that bring you the highest quality essential oils, that have the maximum impact to you, your health and the health of your family., without harmful and harsh chemicals and toxins.
How Business Creates Value:
Essential Oils and oil infused products, historically, have been known to assist the body in dealing with physical needs, such as, common aches and pain, lack of sleep, digestion, PMS, coughs and much more. They can also address our emotional needs, such as occasional stress, sadness, feelings of being overwhelmed and much, much more. With Young Living individuals and families are equipped to not only support a healthy lifestyle and given the tools to address health challenges as they arise, but, also introduce to a plant based lifestyle, ridding homes of synthetics and toxic chemicals. Also, as a direct sales company, Young Living also provides individuals with the opportunity to create an additional stream of income.

Why essential oils?

As a 22 year old new mom, my 4 month old son started to have seizures. He would seize 30- 40 times a day. We dealt with seizures and several meds until he was 4 yrs old., with no success! At which time, we discovered the ketogenic diet, long before the diet fad. While tracked by a doctor and dietitian, we administered the diet with much success. So when 3 of our younger children started seizing, we also put them on the diet and their seizures were completely stopped! Why do I share this? It was this period of my life, that made me begin to search out causes for seizures, and the learning disabilities and autism that our family also dealt with. And also to search for alternative ways we were currently living and doing things. We needed to find a way to support our bodies, not, hurt them. On that journey, I found essential oils and they have had a huge impact on our entire family.

What area of life are you or a loved one struggling in?

Is there an area of life that seems to always need attention? Or have you been at a loss to find a solution? Essential Oils may be the key you have been looking for. I would love to schedule a coaching session and talk about all that Young Living has to offer, and help find a solution that suits your needs.


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