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Jennifer Ervin, Director
Business Name:
TEAM Referral Network
Business Description:
As a Director for TEAM, I am excited to help business owners take their success to the next level. By training their chapter teammates what they are looking for and also what sets them apart, they are able to create relationships through networking. Not by putting a card in someone's hand, but by word of mouth and referrals. Really getting to know somebody's business completely gives them the upper hand from their competition.
How Business Creates Value:
Creating chapters in areas that are not already using the win-win-win strategy of TEAM Referral Network is something that truly excites and inspires me.
How Member Creates Value:
By nurturing the relationships created in a chapter, a company builds trust with their team. Once the trust is created, the referrals are authentically sent. We want one of our own to do well. We want to see success from those we invest our time and energy in. And when that happens, naturally, the referrals come back to you.

Business VS Hobby

For those business owners that mean business about their business and are looking at growing their numbers (both financially and their sales team members). TEAM is the right choice. I will be helping TEAM members grow their chapters which grows their numbers.

Contact Information

(310) 387-8422


  • Networking
  • Leadership


  • I love connecting people to each other
  • Great at nurturing relationships


  • Reading
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development


  • Personally I've been a member of TEAM Referral Network since February of 2016