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John Sereff
Business Name:
Sereff Neuromuscular Massage
Business Description:
Neuromuscular Therapy focuses on accessing the nerve nets in the body through deep tissue massage. Addressing the nerves allows tight and sore muscles to relax and the body to return to a healthy function. If nerves are impinged or agitated, the muscles and the rest of the body will suffer, so the key is to release the nerves through this therapy.
How Business Creates Value:
Massage is meant to feel good and relaxing, but why feel only relaxed when you can be pain-free, healthy, and relaxed all at the same time. Few health professions deal directly with the nerve (root issue) and instead deal with symptoms. This therapy goes after the root issue so it takes care of symptoms along the way and has a lasting impact on the client.
How Member Creates Value:
I have a personal stake in the Neuromuscular Therapy modality. I was once a patient of Neuromuscular treatment and I was in a wheelchair before. After therapy, I am fully functioning and walking and OUT of a wheelchair! I understand better than most what my clients go through and that enables me to better treat my clients.

What are the Benefits of Massage?

Massage is often seen as a luxury and only something that should be experienced on rare occasions....NOT TRUE! Massage is a necessary form of self care. The stresses of life can have a significant and long lasting effect on the human body if not treated correctly. Massage benefits include: -Relaxation -Reduce Stress/anxiety -Pain relief -Reduce nerve compression - Increased blood flow/circulation -Decreased muscle tension -Elimination of toxins -Improve sleep

Why Focus on the Nerve?

The nerve is communication system for the entire body. Nothing functions if the nerves are not involved. If the nerve is swollen/injured/ pinched, the rest of the body will suffer. That is where I come in! The nerve is like a big river that flows into a lake, the lake representing the body. The lake (body) is full and thrives with life when the river (nerve) is flowing consistently. However, when the river becomes blocked up or obstructed (impinged nerve or trauma) the lake becomes stagnant and the whole area begins to experience negative effects. Keep the nerve healthy and activated, keep the body healthy and pain-free!

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  • Neuromuscular Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Chair Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Hydrotherapy


  • LMT
  • CNA
  • Chair Massage Therapist


  • Hiking and Camping
  • Martial Arts
  • Guitar and Violin
  • Puzzles
  • Woodworking


  • LMT at Academy of Natural Therapy
  • Owner of Sereff Neuromsucular Massage
  • Neuro Rehab Specialist- In- Training