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John Smith
Business Name:
ATB Travel
Business Description:
Travel agency Full service-Accredited.

What We're About

The AMERICAN TRAVEL BUREAU (ATB) was founded to serve the needs of the growing number of professional Independent Travel Agents (ITA) in the United States and to potentially expand that market internationally. The Internet has made the world much smaller - and today's businesses will grow through cooperation - NOT competition. As a consortium in the travel and tourism industry, ATB's goal is to create more successful "home based" businesses in this decade than previously accomplished during the last century. Members and ITA's of the ATB will have access to the best pricing structure and the strongest commission structure available in the travel, tourism and cruise industry. This special commission and pricing structure was accomplished through the creation of strategic alliances with major tour and cruise providers in the industry. Our special "select" group of wholesale vendors will be small and equal partners in our quest to be the largest and best provider of leisure travel in the industry. The American Travel Bureau is proud to be an Agent friendly and Agent driven company. Your ideas, concerns and requests will be handled in the most professional and courteous manner. The CEO personally listens and handles all concerns from our Agent base. We will strive for continuous improvements in our training and services. To be the best cannot happen without our strong support and commitment to our Independent Travel Agents (ITA). Our relationship is more than a Corporate - Field relationship. Every ITA registered with ATB is part of the company and will be proud to be a part of the ATB family. Our three-phase training program is one of the finest in the industry. The ATB has continuous training programs that will keep our agents up to date and be the best most knowledgeable professional ITA's in the travel industry. Members enrolled in ATB will have exclusive opportunity for ATB Fun Trips and Industry Familiarization (FAM) trips. In addition to our monthly specials, Fun Trips and FAM Trips - ATB members will have access to the most competitive wholesale pricing for dream vacations. ATB has established various travel commission splits available to our ITA's. We start our commissions at 50%. As our ITA's become more proficient and qualify for the industry IATAN card, the commission split then rises to 60% and as high as 75% - paying up to 90% of the available commission to the ITA's. ATB has established relationships with all facets of business, legal and travel industry professionals that make ATB the finest travel and tourism program in the industry. The corporate staff is second to none and includes "proven" leaders with the most successful and credible track records in the travel, training and tourism industry. Each member of the ATB can now benefit from this team of "winners" and be taught from the very best. Our strategic alliances with the industry's top providers will keep ATB far above the competition. Join a winning team - Join ATB today!

Who is John Smith?

John Smith – Chair, ASTAPAC SoCal ASTA, Owner and CEO of ATB Travel and American Travel Bureau John Smith, Owner and CEO of ATB Travel and American Travel Bureau has been in the travel industry since 1997. American Travel Bureau is a Host Agency with more than 3000 Independent Travel Agents. John retired from the Department of Defense as a Sr. Executive for Presidents, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton. He was also the Director at the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA. John retired from the DOD and entered the Travel Industry after his wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1997. They traveled to more than 140 countries on 68 cruises, and to more than 50 all-inclusive resorts, while meeting with many heads of state until she finally succumbed to breast cancer in July, 2012. John still travels the world and continues to grow his travel agency. He lives in Palmdale, CA and has three beautiful grandchildren living in Oregon who visits often.

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