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Katia Di Egidio
Business Name:
Aitak Solutions
Business Description:
Currently, Katia operates a private consulting firm, AitaK Solutions, founded in 2016 after being the General Manager for 20+ years at SMES, Stone Marketing and Engineering Services, specialized in hard surfaces from Italy and Greece, and strategy and process improvement for any size corporation. Katia has worked across an array of industries including information technology, financial services, construction, automotive and professional services, collaborating with start-ups and publicly traded companies. She focuses on business and process improvement in different areas to grow revenue and efficiencies. Specialising in service-based industries from start-ups to publicly traded companies her out-of-the-box mindset, positive personality, passion, and team building skills give every business owner a leading edge in managing change and reaching their goals. If you are looking for a plan to change your business in the different areas, you found the person that can help you build the puzzle with all the components, finding peace of mind and direction. Check out www.aitak-solutions.com, www.aitak-coaching.com, and www.aitak-academy.com. Recently in solution provider in the hospitality industry, she has completed a revision of the Professional Services department; a customer-centric project that had the result of increased revenue and customer satisfaction, with improved efficiencies in the communication across all the different departments. Prior, Katia has contributed to the establishment and growth of Quadro Vehicles SA, an Italian company based in Switzerland, focused on transforming transportation on 3 and 4 wheels. The company created revolutionary mobility vehicles that lean like motorcycles but are safe to drive also in bad weather, making commuting in many big cities in Europe a fun and safe experience. In addition to her executive career, Katia is treasurer and board member of the Outlook Foundation Inc., a charity based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that provides computers to kids and veterans that are having a hard time having access to technology, which means education and job opportunities. Katia has a strong presence in social media and in particular LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, valuing the importance to be in contact with people and trends in different industries and across the world. She is a master in working 1 on 1 with business owners to improve their skills, addresses struggles in mindset and attitude, grow the business, improve processes, all based on strategic planning and execution. Katia has recently published her first book, “The essence of your business is YOU”, inspiring business owners to find an identity and grow their business with strategic and marketing tips that are life and business transformational. Katia obtained her Master’s Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Verona, in Italy. She also attended a Master in Project Management in the same University. She is always involved in some learning experience because she is a believer in investing in yourself as the best opportunity to grow and help others do the same.
How Business Creates Value:
Contact me to arrange a private 45-minute complimentary business breakthrough session on how I can find you a minimum of 10K in additional profits in your business right now GUARANTEED, without spending a dime in marketing and advertising.
How Member Creates Value:
Katia is a multi-talented business woman with over 20 years of experience in coaching and consulting services for business and process improvement. She brings expertise in different areas such as financial and business strategy, business development, sales, and marketing, reporting analysis and budgeting, customer care and after-sales support. Katia has a strong understanding of various markets throughout North America and Europe. She is an open-minded collaborative person, with observing and analysis skills that are unique.


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