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Kimberly Powers
Business Name:
Kims Coaching - Certified Ketogenic Life Coach
Business Description:
I am a Certified Ketogenic Life Coach. I specialize in helping people create a healthy body by guiding them into Ketosis at the same time teaching tools to manage their mindset around food. My Program is called "Happily Keto" and is an online 7 week course which includes coaching, community, resources and motivation. I also offer private online coaching groups and private one-on-one coaching. Visit my website to learn more.
How Business Creates Value:
The Ketogenic Lifestyle is the most anti-inflammatory diet around. Inflammation is the cause of many of the diseases of aging like type 2 diabetes, dementia & Alzheimer's, The ketogenic diet is showing amazing promise in lowering high blood pressure, restoring hormone balance, reducing the risks of heart disease. People who live a Ketogenic life report having great energy and get more restorative sleep.
How Member Creates Value:
I see a variety of people who are working to improve their health and life. Being a member of TEAM and having access to people who can help in just about any profession is a valuable resource for my clients.


  • Coaching
  • Ketogenic LIfestyle Expert
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Stress & Anxiety Coaching


  • Certified Ketogenic Living Coach
  • Strategic Intervention Certification


  • Geocaching
  • Playing Guitar
  • Human Behavior
  • Wine


  • Stress & Anxiety Life Coach
  • Group Keto Coaching
  • Private Keto Coach
  • Mindset Coach