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Krista Crotty
Business Name:
Velocity Business Strategists
Business Description:
Velocity Business Strategists works with businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate business. By focusing on the operational flow and uncovering the opportunities, we specialize in breaking the cycle of procrastination, overwhelm and frustration.
How Business Creates Value:
We create value with our clients by being a mirror to help them see the brilliance in themselves, their business and reflect the quality for their clients. By coaching and consulting with the clients on all aspect of business and life, we are able to accelerate success. While keeping in mind the personal serves the professional, the professional provides for the person, we focus on professional and eventually dip toes into the personal waters. We will help in all areas of the life wheel - bringing in other experts as needed for each area.
How Member Creates Value:
Personally, I have a passion for helping others succeed. I love stories of people turning their passions into paychecks> One of the most wonderful things is helping a client uncover their brilliance and . I invite you to explore the entrepreneurial lifestyle in a coaching session with me. If you’re already an entrepreneur, let’s talk about the phase of business you are currently experiencing to help you move to the next phase. In many cases, we help business owners ensure their business is running like a well-oiled machine.

What We do

We help people identify the phase of their business - and person life - and accelerate to the next phase. We also help people identify where their entrepreneurial strengths lie and how they can turn a passion into a paycheck. Interested in learning more? Visit http://www.vbs-connect.com to schedule a discovery call! We look forward to working with you!

Why We Do It

Success is within everyone’s reach. Those who seem lucky - have just worked that much harder to get there. Things may come to those who wait - those are the things left behind by those who hustle.


  • Mindset Shifter
  • Passion Finder
  • Business Building
  • Wine Education and Pairings
  • Street survival instructor


  • NLP Master Practicioner
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Master Timeline Therapist
  • NLP Certified Trainer
  • Driving/Racing Instructor


  • Formula Car Racing
  • Quilting, Sewing, Crafts
  • Work-Life Harmony experiences
  • Tropical Sports - scuba, snorkeling, surfing
  • Wine


  • Business Strategists - utilizing NLP/mindset shifts
  • BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering, Production & Operations Management
  • Race car prep & driving instruction
  • Recovering Corporate Engineer - IBM
  • Flight School Operations
  • Funeral Planning & Pre-planning
  • Wine pairing and tastings
  • Direct Sales / Network Marketing Operations
  • Entrepreneur, Mompreneur
  • Work-Life Harmony