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Lauren Dottore
Business Name:
The Village Family Services
Business Description:
The Village Family Services is an internationally accredited, leading social care and behavioral health agency that provides expert services to help heal those traumatized by abuse, neglect, addiction, homelessness or violence. The Village Family Services’ unique combination of compassion, client-focused and evidenced-based practices offers clients the best chance to heal and lead a happy and healthy life. The Village Family Services envisions a day where all children and youth are free of social, emotional, verbal and physical harm. Our mission is critical: protect children from abuse, preserve families and build a stronger, safer community for all.
How Business Creates Value:
We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe, loving, supportive environment. When a child’s natural family is unable to provide that environment, we step in to help. We specialize in placing the child with foster parents who have been extensively trained and certified, and we offer follow-up treatment to promote stability. In cases where a child is available for adoption, we guide prospective adoptive parents through the often complex adoption process.

Foster Care

*We ensure that children are placed in loving, stable and safe family environments. When out-of-home care is needed, our social workers match each child with a stable, nurturing environment suited to his or her unique needs. Emergency short-and longer-term placements are found for children from birth to 17 years of age, and children with special healthcare needs are placed with specially trained foster caregivers. *We provide exceptional foster parent training and certification. To ensure the safety of every child placed in foster care, a centerpiece of our program is providing extensive training for individuals wanting to become foster parents. Children are placed only in homes where caregivers have successfully completed the training. The certification process is rigorous and includes all aspects of the foster-care experience. *We maintain close connections and, where possible, facilitate reunification. After a child is placed in foster care, our social workers stay connected to that child as long as necessary to increase stability and permanence. When appropriate, they also maintain contact and continue necessary services to the child’s birth family and, whenever possible, work toward reunification.


When a child is unable to return to their family of origin we can facilitate adoption services and help transition your family from a foster family to a forever family with no disruption in placement or services.

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  • The lifeblood of The Village Family Services is our team of gifted professionals. Deeply committed and compassionate, they spearhead an approach to care that unites evidence-based practice with strong sensitivity and cultural awareness. Most are bilingual/multi-cultural Spanish-speaking individuals who understand the unique needs of the people we serve.


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