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Laurie Burton
Business Name:
Laurie Burton Training
Business Description:
Laurie Burton Training training sessions focus on what Laurie believes is one of the most dynamic, yet overlooked tools available for expressing ourselves – the human body. Laurie Burton Training refers to it as the Human Instrument, the engine that drives the way we speak, present and communicate and a major contributor to the success or failure of reaching any audience, regardless its size.
How Business Creates Value:
The author of PRESENTING YOU, Laurie’s work emphasizes each individual’s unique passion, energy and animation, she encourages attendees to her workshops to be comfortable with themselves, creating more effective opportunities to lead, inspire, convince and sell!
How Member Creates Value:
Laurie believes that “
Life is a Performance.” her work is about human expression, and finding answers to some important questions. "Do you know how you're perceived? What kind of energy do you project? Can you change it in an instant? Are you comfortable in your own skin? "When you speak are the meaning of the words expressed in your face and body?The ultimate challenge for any great communicator is how to cause people to feel something, to have an experience.


  • member Screen Actors Guild, Adjunct Professor USC School of Cinematic Art 1085-2008