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Lupe Ramos
Business Name:
Realtor - Entrepreneur
Business Description:
Helping clients attain their dreams by selling, buying, and investing in real estate. I do the research, put in the time, do the leg work, do the paperwork, the computer work, the negotiating, and the marketing for my clients. All in one package, from one person! I have an expert of TEAM power partners to get the job done in a timely manner. We are successful, we are a TEAM!
How Business Creates Value:
Business owners have standards that they demonstrate by their actions and communication. My standards are high and I work hard to create a service that brings value to the customer. Such as, communication, expectations, direction, education, reliability, security, competent advisement, and friendship. The ego is checked at the door, and you'll find it on the mat. I WORK FOR REFERRALS!
How Member Creates Value:
My interpretation of a member creating value for it's TEAM is to bring a unique service to referred customers. It is my intention to bring business to my TEAM members, and I expect the same in return. I respect that certain personalities work best with like personalities. For all intent and purposes, I enter into this TEAM group knowing that I am the only Real Estate Agent in the group! My work ethic, professionalism and skills will always be at the forefront of each transaction. I intend to be of service, and so, I shall be there to help others list their property, purchase their first or next property, and to invest for their future. I WORK FOR REFERRALS!

Testimonial from SELLER gaytan_rosalie@yahoo.com

... We were looking for an agent that was experienced and familiar with the area and its buyers. We wanted a quick sale and to sell the property as is...From the very beginning Lupe did her homework, viewed the property, met with our tenant, and presented us with a price that was above what we believed was viable. As she presented her research we agreed. She was able to communicate with our tenant, (whose first language is Spanish), in a very professional and helpful manner. Lupe then began the process of showing the house and working with other agents and the tenant to arrange appointments which were acceptable to all parties. Within a few days, we received serious offers from pre-qualified buyers. .Her flow of paperwork and communication was brilliant. The process was amazingly quick, although very busy. She negotiated on our behalf by presenting the buyer with options that increased our price to satisfy their request to cover closing costs. She negotiated a price with the termite contractor to stay within our budget. She shined the most when she had to be firm with our tenant when work for repairs had to be completed in a timely fashion. I was so impressed that I told her, “Lupe, you are as sweet as pie, but hard as nails, when you have to be!” Escrow could have closed two weeks sooner than we anticipated but we made allowances for the tenant. Finally, her last negotiation with the buying agent, who said that escrow didn’t have to close until 3 days after the tenant left. She was prepared with her defense of the buyer, who needed to be in the home due to the ending of his lease. You would think that the buying agent would have had his clients’ needs first, but Lupe was quick and prepared. and the buyer was grateful, I’m sure. It gives me great pleasure to compliment and recommend a job well done and I thought you should know what a fine representative of your company she is. We will continue to praise her work to others as situations present themselves.

Testimonial from BUYERS

I google "homes in Ontario," and Lupe's name showed up with her website. That's how I found her! Lupe helped me find my first home. She must have showed me 15 homes in just under five days! Lupe is a hustler and works hard. She never once kept me waiting for information I requested or she answered my questions in a timely manner. I work long hours and she was always accommodating. We were in escrow and then when found a second home that I absolute fell in love with. I had to have it. She made it happen working as a team all the way through. We continues to stay in contact with me. I will definitely recommend her services to my family, friends, co-workers, and anyone that asks me on the train ride home.

Contact Information

(909) 471-1803


  • Real estate contracts, negotiator!
  • Making dreams come true.
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Communication & good listener,
  • Serving others
  • Contacts with great contractors & Business Owners
  • Making my home, my sanctuary


  • Licensed Bureau of Real Estate #01955851
  • Instructor, public speaker


  • Enjoy working to see results...making dreams come true!
  • Sitting with my Shih Tzu puppies, Boots and Lulu
  • Spending time with my grandchildren.
  • Volunteer work
  • Learning something new.


  • Selling properties in a timely manner
  • Great open house host!
  • Introducing my property buyers to the perfect property!
  • Computer Application instructor, Pasadena


  • Spanish