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Mary Beth Trama
Business Name:
Kangen Water of Southern California
Business Description:
I'm an International Distributor for Enagic Kangen Water which is a medical-grade water ionizer for home and office use. It connects to your faucet and sits on your countertop. Kangen in Japanese means "Return to Origin". Kangen water mimics the same structure as the waters that flow naturally from glacial springs in 7 places around the world. The most famous is Lourdes France where people have come for centuries to gather this water for its healing properties.
How Business Creates Value:
Kangen Water detoxifies the body continually. It is hydrogen-rich water, very high in antioxidants, and has a unique molecular structure for superior hydration. It is alkalized by electrolysis. No chemicals are added. The water is an all-natural, holistic alternative for your health.
How Member Creates Value:
I give water away for free to try and I educate people on all the benefits of Kangen water and Kangen devices. The water sells itself once you try it and experience the positive changes. Contact me for free water to try! 909-493-7819 I am available to sub if you need a sub please feel free to contact me.


  • Network Marketing Professional
  • 20+ years as IT Professional
  • Digital & Film Photography


  • NLP Master Practitioner


  • My dogs, photography & travel


  • 8+ years Network Marketing