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Randy Kirk
Business Name:
Randy Kirk & Associates
Business Description:
Marketing Consultant ♦ Social Media Expert ♦ Website Developer ♦ SEO ♦ Content Manager Randy Kirk & Associates 2008 – Present (8 years)Greater Los Angeles Area SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING DECISIONS GETTING YOU DOWN? Are you frustrated trying to allocate scarce resources of time and treasure among dozens of potential marketing approaches available ONLINE, and all the traditional methods? ► Websites ► Blogs ► YouTube ► Amazon ► KickStarter ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Pinterest ► Linkedin ► Google+ ► Yelp ► Instagram ► Print ► Trade shows ► Mail Are you wasting time on phone calls from Social Media Marketing reps saying they have the best solution. Then months and big bucks later, you're no better off than before. ♦♦ I FEEL YOUR PAIN ♦♦ Over the past 3 decades I've written 8 books and countless magazine and online articles about marketing. But in addition to talking about it, I have also created and managed over 30 businesses. ♦♦ I HAVE A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF HELPING OTHER BUSINESSES GROW ♦♦ Over the past seven+ years I turned to working with company owners. I've helped 400 businesses maximize their business opportunity through marketing, including: goal setting, strategies, tactics, and logistics. ♦♦ WHO DO WE WORK WITH? ♦♦ We have proven to be effective with retailers, lawyers, manufacturers, importers, and business services companies. We like owners who understand the importance of online marketing, but know they can't keep up. We are unique in that while over 60% of our effort is online, CLOSE TO 40% is trade shows, print, mailing, or bus bench ads. ♦♦ WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT ♦♦ We understand the critical importance of EVERGREEN marketing. Any savvy marketer today knows that content is king, but also expensive. We have found ways to deliver unique, well written, relevant, keyworded content that gives you high visibility online, but also converts customers. And we do it affordably. Check us out online on Amazon http://amzn.to/Z5BkUe or Google, then give me a call. No long term commitments. Affordable. CALL TODAY for a ♦ FREE ♦ 45 minute marketing consultation. No obligation. 310-910-1848 For the last three years my law practice has grown with the help of Randy Kirk’s marketing approaches. Eric Aretsky Randy has been great for our company. He has boosted our rankings on the search engines, has great ideas to bring in new clients. Harris Gilbert Marketing Consultant, Author, and Speaker to Bicycle Retailers for over 35 Years BikeShopOwner.com August 2011 – Present (5 years 5 months)Greater Los Angeles Area In 2011 I wrote "Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age>" This was the fifth in a series of bicycle retailing books that I have written since 1980. The first print run sold out. As you can see below, there is an emphasis on social media marketing, but plenty about traditional marketing Table of Contents ♦ Seven Reasons Why Bicycle Shops Succeed ♦ Goals Create Action ♦ Introduction to Marketing - Online and Off ♦ Sales 1A For Bicycle Dealers - 21st Century Edition ♦ Advanced Sales Techniques ♦ Twenty-Five Ways to Sell More -Tomorrow ♦ Personnel Management Isn’t for Cowards ♦ Training and Motivating Employees ♦ How Do Search Engines Work ♦ How To Determine Your Key Words and Phrases ♦ Building the Perfect Website for SEO and Client Conversion ♦ What Are Local Search Engines, Directories, IYP’s? ♦ Google Places - The Listing that Can Make You or Break You ♦ Google Places - How to Optimize Your Google Places Listing ♦ Mobile Search Engines for Smart Phones and Ipads ♦ Online Reviews and Reputation Management ♦ YouTube is the Foundation of Social Media Marketing (SMM) ♦ YouTube Videos - Why and How To Create Shop VIdeos ♦ How To Write and Optimize a Blog Post on Blogger ♦ Facebook Pages - How to Create An Effective Presence and Why ♦ Twitter - How to Tweet ♦ The Goal of Social Media Marketing - EMAIL ♦ Amazing Customer Service and the Ultimate Question ♦ Online PR - The Secret Weapon ♦ Rides, Clubs, Sponsorships, and Clinics ♦ Using Meetup.com to Promote Rides, Clubs, Clinics and Events ♦ What is Changing on the Internet and Search that Will Effect Your Business ♦ Store Signage, Interior Layout, and Design ♦ You’re Never to Old to Create a Business Plan ♦ Bike Shop Profitability ♦ The Power of Purchasing ♦ Shrinkage Don't hesitate to email me at RandyKirk77@gmail.com
How Business Creates Value:
We take a top down approach, starting with a conversation about the goals and aspirations, both business and personal, of the ownership. This could be anything from grow sales/profit, to prepare for sale/hand off to kids or staff. It can be about startups or turnarounds. Once we know the goals, we discuss what has worked in the past. We commonly look at financials. Then we discuss staff, location, equipment, and other operational aspects of the business. I then personally review the client's online presence and reputation. This is followed by an in-depth study of the industry and the competition. Within days of the first conversation, a detailed analysis and set of recommendations will follow. Then we execute. We create value by providing very specific execution on marketing approaches that are most likely to bring the results desired by the owner.
How Member Creates Value:
I have a massive background in every aspect of marketing except TV. From mailers and other print approaches, to radio, trade shows, events, and more. I maintain a cutting-edge understanding of all things related to the internet, including Facebook and Instagram advertising, Amazon, Kickstarter, and more. I have developed hundreds of new products, services, packages, and product displays. I love to figure out new methods of distribution of products or ways to reach new demographics with products or services.