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Reggie Thomas
Business Name:
Business Description:
PeakePotential is an organizational development and leadership firm that focuses on business consulting, training and leadership, executive and life coaching.
How Business Creates Value:
PeakePotential creates value by helping business leaders grow in their leadership and management skills. It also works with individuals with life issues with a goal of living a healthy and balanced life. We help businesses be healthy by creating excellent operational and human systems. We focus on the culture of the organization because if the culture is healthy, the other systems will be healthy. PeakePotential seeks to help leaders and organizations reach their full potential in achieving their purposes and goals. There are three things that sets PeakePotential apart. First, I CARE about my clients. I build a personal and trusting relationship with clients. Second, I CUSTOMIZE my approach in working with leaders, organizations and businesses. I am skilled in solving problems, and in doing so, I understand that "one size" does not fit all. I listen to my clients problems and approach issues based on the client's needs and goals. Third, I CRAFT solutions. The outcome is you will be a better leader and your organization will be more healthy after working with me.
How Member Creates Value:
I bring value because I am a "people person" and people connector. I value relationships and service. My greatest joy in life is serving others and helping others be the best they can be. I bring value because of my education, knowledge of leadership and personal development, life experience and professional experience. I have based my life work on taking the lessons learned personally and professionally and translating them into tools, systems, processes and resources that can be used to assist others to be healthy in their lives and work.

Contact Information

(714) 944-1031


  • Consulting, leading, training, speaking, writing, coaching, facilitation


  • TEAM member since 2020


  • Running, traveling, sports


  • Leadership/Organizational Consultant, Graduate School Director and Professor, and Pastor