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Ron Van Voorhis
Business Name:
Business Description:
From Birthdays to Weddings, Allow me to capture Moments that will leave a lasting impression! I am a passionate photography and what I produce for my clients is reflected upon that! I am now pleased to offer Studio Photography as well as Video production for weddings to commercials for your business!
How Business Creates Value:
All started when my wife and I got married. Our photographer missed certain shots we wanted. He was expensive and didn't have a sense that he cared about what we wanted and more about "Getting paid". I am completely the opposite and frankly if I see him again, I would like to thank him for showing me NOT what to do with a client! I take the time to get to know my clients, what they want and I create a story board for them so they know what there getting! I bring creativity, hard work and detail into my Photography. I look at any event I shoot "If this was for us, how would I want my memories captured and will this leave a lasting impression".
How Member Creates Value:
As a Member of Team, I would create Value by always being present and devoted to the overall goal of the Team! My Dad once told me "If you treat everyone the way YOU would want to be treated then your life will be that much better". That principle has been a big part of my life and I know that Philosophy will never change!


  • Managment and Leadership


  • Photography, World Traveler and Hiking.


  • 8 years total, 4 years professionally


  • English