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Rona Reithmayr
Business Name:
Scout & Cellar
Business Description:
I'm a consultant and I sell clean crafted wine! All of our wineries go above and beyond organic and biodynamic to make truly amazing wine. We are founded in doing the right thing, passion, authenticity and transparency, commitment and empowerment. We source Clean-Crafted™ wine from all over the world, creating and bottling wildly delicious wines with an authentic sense of place, working directly with growers and producers who embody our Clean-Crafted Commitment® in their daily practices. We walk through the vineyards, visit the cellars, share meals together. The end result? Delicious wines. Better in the bottle. Better in your glass. Better for the planet.
How Business Creates Value:
At Scout & Cellar, we’re on a mission to showcase just how incredible wine can be in its most authentic form by making it free of synthetic chemicals and additives. It's all part of our Clean-Crafted Commitment® to doing the right thing. For ourselves. For those we love. And for our planet. No matter what. Our Clean-Crafted Commitment comes to life through our Core Value of Authenticity. By eliminating all things synthetic, we’re celebrating wine in its most authentic form and promoting the uniqueness of the wine’s terroir from the ground, all the way to your glass. But Authenticity isn't the only Core Value that informs how we do what we do. Founded in the principles of Authenticity, Transparency, Passion, Family and an unwavering desire to Do the Right Thing, our Core Values shape every aspect of who we are, how we give back and how we approach business in general.
How Member Creates Value:
My goal is to educate and create a place of learning and enjoyment of wine. I like to help my team celebrate victories for a job well done! I love to celebrate my clients and my wine club members! My members and team are my family!

Who I Am

I'm a native Californian who loves to travel and drink wine! I'm married to my amazing husband for 23 years and have 2 grown boys, Connor & Camden. I live in Thousand Oaks. We have a small vineyard and about 10 years ago my husband and I began to make wine. As we struggled to make good organic wine I began to look at vineyards doing it right. I finally stumbled onto Scout & Cellar about 2 years ago and immediately loved the wine and their values! I joined the team and the rest is history!

My Why

I do this business because I was struggling with severe inflammation in my body and in an effort to get healthy my Doctor said I need to eat clean. I began eating clean but was still struggling until a friend asked it I was still "drinking dirty" I was shocked to think all the effort I was doing was being sabotaged by what I was drinking. I began to eat clean and drink clean and my inflammation is gone 90% of the time! I'm a huge proponent of this company and what they do and stand for with their clean-crafted commitment,