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Ryan Bell
Business Name:
Kangen Water
Business Description:
(Message me for Free Medical Grade Alkaline Water) Enagic is a 46 year old Japanese company that manufactures medical grade water technology. The technology makes healthy drinking water called Kangen Water for people who are health conscious or are struggling with any type of health challenges. The technology makes 5 different types of water for cleaning, disinfecting, plants, skin care, and cleaning our fruits and vegetables. ***If you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that please reach out for more information and free samples.***
How Business Creates Value:
The reason why I got involved in this business is because my wife was sick on prescription medication for a kidney disease for 20 years. We got introduced to this water, went to a live event to hear from doctors and nurses, and found out they have been using this technology in Japanese hospitals for over 45 years. We invested into the unit and after only 3 months on the water doctors took my wife off all her prescription medication. It completely transformed her health. This was over 6 years ago, and ever since it has been my mission to educate and bring true health to people all over the world through hydration. Now I’m in a position where I continue educating people on the water and teach others how to do the same.

Awards & Certifications

- Our technology is approved as a medical device by over 6,500 doctors in Japan through the Japanese Ministry of Health. - Currently our technology holds three ISO certifications for manufacturing - We are approved with the Gold Standard by the WQA to be served in restaurants in the USA.


If you’d like to try free samples and learn more about the water please text me.


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