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Shannon Santamaria
Business Name:
High Fives for Stacey, Inc.
Business Description:
We are a non-profit serving families with special needs. We strive to encourage family unity and bonding by providing non-medical equipment and refreshment experiences as well as support and resources.
How Business Creates Value:
High Fives for Stacey creates value in our community by breaking down the barriers that isolate families with unique needs. We do this by providing specialized equipment, educating the community through events, hosting refreshment for the families and connecting them with resources to best meet their families needs.
How Member Creates Value:
By breaking down the barriers and opening doors to opportunity, I elevate the value of those with disabilities and the positive impact they have in our community when they are given a chance to shine.

Why is a program like this necessary?

One example of why programs like HFFS are necessary: Have you ever purchased a childs bicycle? If so, you know they can be found at the local shops starting around $50. Did you know that a bicycle adapted for special needs can start around $2,000-$3,000? And no, insurance will not cover a bike. So what does a family do when the children ask mom to take them out for a bike ride? Mom says no. We need to change that answer. And we will.

How can we help you?

We would love to promote your business as a sponsor! Do you have a product you'd like to donate for our events? A door prize gift? Are you a service organization? Perhaps a contribution to our recipient fund. We love to brag about our sponsors on social media, our website and printed material. I look forward to learning more about you so when a family has a need you can meet, I can send them to you!

Contact Information



  • S'mores and the firepit and people typically involved!
  • I love playing card games!
  • I love relaxing with friends new and old with a cup of hot mocha in hand!


  • Mom of special needs kiddo for 16 years and counting.
  • Founder of Creatively Created, a special needs ministry for parents of special needs children.
  • Worked in a sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities for 2 years.
  • Attend IEP's with parents to assist them in advocating for their child.