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Steven Bautista
Business Name:
LegalShield Independent Associate
Business Description:
As an Independent Associate of LegalShield, I empower and help families with affordable legal services and ID theft protection. Empower your family with our legal services and get treated fairly no matter the situation, wherever in the United States. I also help empower and protect businesses with affordable legal services that will help them avoid costly legal issues in the course of business.
How Business Creates Value:
By disrupting the legal Industry, LegalShield is making legal services affordable, accountable and easy to use. By being a LegalShield member, you no longer have to worry about frivolous lawsuits. From speeding tickets to having your last will and testament executed, LegalShield members are covered. Unlimited consultation on any number of issues, helps members avoid costly legal fees. With LegalShield, you are empowered by our legal services, to meet those legal challenges that you are faced with. with LegalShield, you don't just have an attorney but you have a law firm at your side. LegalShield can help protect your business. Have an attorney review all of your documents prior to signing. Have attorneys of various specialties consult with you about the different aspects of your business.
How Member Creates Value:
I value our members and what they bring to our chapter. By having that trust, I am always ready to send them any and all referrals that come by my way. I have clients of all walks of life ask me for referrals of all sorts. We are always looking to add more members to our Chapter so we can send them our referrals. Come join us to network, have fun and get business.

When can LegalShield help me?

Have you ever signed a contract or lease agreement? Been in a car accident? Received a speeding ticket? Need help to draft your will or power of attorney? Ordered something online and felt taken advantage of or ignored when the product didn't seem as advertised? As a LegalShield member, LegalShield can help you with all of the above and much more!

IDShield protecting you and your family from ID Theft

Thieves no longer want your money. they want your Identity. With IDShield you and your information are protected 24/7. If a breach does incur, IDShield will have their licensed Investigators get you back to pre-ID theft status, for life. IDShield protects your Driver License, Passport, Bank Accounts, Telephone numbers (Imagine your cell phone no longer working!) Medical ID, Store cards and much more! It's a matter of when your ID is stolen, not "IF"



  • LegalShield Independent Associate 2016


  • Basketball, Paintball, and Painting


  • Notary Public since 2009
  • Tax Preparer 2012-2016


  • English
  • Spanish