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Terilee Harrison, Franchisee

What I Do.

At TEAM, I bring together entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors of larger companies - those responsible for their own success - and I teach them how to become a sales TEAM in their community so they can help to grow each others' business through referrals. I work with TEAM in the Antelope Valley and Kern County. We feature weekly referral chapter meetings, quarterly regional luncheons, and quarterly regional mixer to help our members get the most from their TEAM experience. Your success is our success!

Why I Do It.

I love being an entrepreneur. I know both the rewards and challenges that come with living the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I have been privileged to be with TEAM for 10 years now and to have served thousands of business owners in Southern California. It is my passion to help teach entrepreneurs how to grow their business through relationship marketing and to make key connections for them to help build the right relationships to help them meet their dreams. I recently saw a quote that I really like: The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately. If I can help my TEAM members reduce their hustle, I am happy.

Contact Information

65 8118 1648