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Yasmine Verberckt
Business Name:
Happy In Hypnosis
Business Description:
As a Certified hypnotherapist I use hypnosis to gain access to the subconscious mind. This process allows us to make changes to associations that have formed throughout our life experience. In essence changing feelings and behavior. People come and see me for a variety of reasons: financial blocks, career plateau, quit smoking, anxiety relief, gain confidence, fears and phobias, improve sleep and so on. In reality it's applications are unlimited. Hypnotherapy is also wonderful in addition to Western medicine. When a person is under medical care, I simply join the team under supervision of the person's doctor. When East meets West wonderful things can occur.
How Member Creates Value:
I believe it to be my mission to empower each and every single one of my clients the way they were intended in the first place. I provide all my clients with a recording of each session, unless there is a therapeutic reason not to. In addition to the hypnotic work, everybody will learn tools that can also be used consciously during everyday life. Once in a better feeling place, I teach my clients self hypnosis allowing them to truly become independent. Independent from cigarettes, nicotine gum, perhaps medication, certain people or situations. There is something truly powerful in watching a person discover their strength and use it to their advantage.