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Don’t Pass Up an Opportunity to Speak

Don’t Pass Up an Opportunity to Speak

Some members cringe when it is their turn to be the featured speaker at their networking meeting, others eagerly look forward to it!  Whichever category you fall into, as effective networkers, we know the importance of getting the word out about our business.  Seize the opportunity to speak whenever possible!  Some of you may even be looking for speaking engagements as a referral, if so, share this information with your chapter members during your One Minute Business Commercial!



1). If you are looking for speaking opportunities, let the members of your networking group know that you accept speaking engagements as a bona fide referral.


2). Ask your networking partners to refer you to the program chair of other organizations (who have outside speakers) that they belong to.


3). If you are asked to speak at the last minute, or to “pinch hit” for a speaker who did not show up, be prepared!  Always have an outline or prepared presentation with you.  Use your TEAM Presentation worksheet as a guide.


4). Don’t worry that you will be viewed as aggressive in your approach, know that you will be looked upon as a business person who can present their business in a professional manner at the drop of a hat!



Remember to have your presentation be a topic of interest for your audience and to deliver an effective message about who you are and what you do!

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