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Be at Networking Events….OFTEN!

Be at Networking Events….OFTEN!

When you’re a frequent attendee at a regular, reoccurring networking event you’ll be more effective because you are comfortable there. It is easier to speak to people you have seen and met before. More importantly, people will be more comfortable with you.¬†Out of sight, out of mind¬†is a fairly accurate statement.

You may sell a great product that people at a given event want to buy, but they’ll forget to contact you. But a new opportunity may present itself the next time they see you at an event. As soon as they see you, they remember- “I need Mark’s consulting services.” If Mark isn’t a regular at the event that opportunity won’t arise.

This point is especially important if you are working toward a developing a long-term relationship. A long-term relationship just doesn’t happen with a quick hand shake and a two minute introduction. It needs time to develop. You will be more productive in networking by being a frequent attendee at networking events.


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