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A significant part of TEAM Referral Network’s mission is to “positively impact our member’s businesses and the community that they belong”.  Because community is so important to who we are, our network seeks to provide opportunities for our chapters and members to give back.  Our passion is to positively impact hundreds of charities and non-profits where we have a TEAM chapter.

TEAM Referral Network achieves this community focus in a couple of ways.  Our chapters are encouraged to actively support local non-profits/charities through service projects and financial support.  We take this a step further, and donate a membership in each chapter to a non-profit or charity organization.  These membership spots have all of the benefits of normal chapter membership and allow the charity or non-profit the ability to network effectively and spread the mission of their organization.  Ultimately, the non-profits benefit from added exposure and promotion by their chapter, as well as added educational benefit to the staff to go out and promote their non-profit to the rest of the community.

Our history of community involvement has allowed us to be associated with many local, national, and even international charities.  As we grow, we want to continue to grow our community involvement as well!  If you know a non-profit or charity that would benefit from getting connected to a TEAM Referral Network chapter, please contact our team!

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Testimonials from participating non-profits