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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be other people in my chapter who are in the same profession?

No. We are an exclusive referral organization. Only one person per business category is allowed to be a member of a TEAM chapter.

Do I need to be at every meeting?

Attendance is vital for the members of your team to know you and for you to know them.  Whether you meet in a face-to-face chapter, or a virtual chapter, your presence is required at each meeting.  TEAM’s attendance policy is very reasonable and is designed to fit the busy business person’s professional and personal life.  You may send a representative in your place if you have a conflict with the chapter meeting time.

Once I join TEAM, how often will I have the opportunity to talk about my business?

If I belong to one chapter of TEAM, can I belong to another? Or, other referral organizations just like TEAM (who have one person per business category)?

Members of TEAM may not be a member of another chapter of TEAM or any other business organization that are industry specific or category exclusive referral or leads groups.  The reasoning for this is that you will have basically the same business professions in each of these other groups.  In order to have a mutually beneficial relationship with your networking partners in your chapter, your focus on referring business should be within one group.

Are members of TEAM required to bring referrals and/or visitors to each meeting?

The expectation is that you will bring referrals and visitors on a regular basis.  Participation in your chapter is evaluated for both your benefit, as well as the chapter’s benefit. While you may not always have a referral or visitor, you are encouraged to consistently try to bring both.  TEAM does not have fines, minimums, or quotas.

What can I do if I don’t see a chapter near me?

TEAM is growing into new locations each month, however, if you don’t see a chapter near you, there are a couple of options.  We have virtual chapters that meet via online conferencing.  We also have great resources for those who want to start new face-to-face chapters in their area.  TEAM provides excellent training and support for those wanting to start brand new chapters. Click Here to request more info.

What are the membership fees?

Depending on the type of membership, annual dues range from $0- $1,000. Compare our fees with the costs of conventional advertising and other networking organizations! For this relatively small investment, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in TEAM where you can market your business to a captive audience of motivated professionals who function as a “sales team” for you!

What makes TEAM different from other referral organizations?

We set ourselves apart with our structure; support; high ethical standards; community outreach; internet marketing; leadership training; and we have meetings morning, noon, and night.  TEAM provides unparalleled support for their members and has high expectations in accordance with its Member’s Creed. TEAM also believes in participating in community awareness and outreach programs, therefore, each TEAM chapter has the opportunity to “give back” to their local community. TEAM provides thorough and innovative training at no cost for the chapter leaders and members. We also offer great regional and organizational wide networking events, workshops/mixers. Check out the TEAM calendar!