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TEAM Phoenix Welcomes You

We invite you to discover the power of TEAM Referral Network! We combine the very best of face to face and online networking, using an effective networking system. TEAM focuses on teaching our members about building the right relationships. We are a diverse, collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs that understand the dynamic power of referral and relationship marketing. When people work together as a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More! We are here to help each member grow their business! We do this by providing the structure and opportunity for members to connect, build the right relationships and generate referrals for their business. TEAM is "exclusive category”, which means your business is the only one of its kind on the TEAM!  Our TEAMs are built on trust and relationships. Start growing today!

Don't Hire A Sales Team, Join One!

Achieve big things with a TEAM of small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in your community. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer an environment that allows small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and independent contractors a process to develop top performance relationship building to achieve maximum potential.

Our Work

Our Work is to focus on fine-tuning relationship marketing. We teach our members that through the power of relationships, you have the capability to take your business well beyond the next level!

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Networking Do

Have a networking plan in place.  Know what you want to achieve from your networking activities and how you plan to get it.

Networking Don't

Wait until you need a network to develop one.  It takes time to develop relationships.

Networking Do

Know your own strengths, talents and resources.  Listen for when a situation may be right.

Networking Don't

Give out your business cards indiscriminately.  Ask for a business card from someone you would like to give your business card to.

Networking Do's

Help others build relationships,  Make only those offers you intend to fulfill,  Relationship marketing only works when you are genuine.

Networking Don'ts

Don’t be afraid to jump in and network!  Networking is a contact sport; it requires your physical presence.

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The core purpose of TEAM Referral Network is to positively impact our member’s businesses and the communities that they belong. To give true value to each member. Providing the forum for which they can build relationships and develop skills that they may not have experienced without being a part of our organization. To have a richer life, professionally and personally by embracing the spirit of TEAM… Together Everyone Achieves More.

Connect to Others. Build Relationships. Receive Referrals.




Each week every member has an opportunity to give a one-minute commercial about their business. This includes:

♦ Who you are              ♦ Best type of referral

♦ What you do              ♦ Call to action

TEAM Referral Network



Each member has several opportunities throughout the year to give a presentation about their business.  This is your chance to TEACH the other members what you do and how to best refer business to you.

TEAM Referral Network


Coaching Sessions

Each member has a one-on-one session to get to know each other on a professional and personal level.  They work together to find mutual ways to refer business to each other.

What Else Can TEAM Do For You?

Network Training

Techniques to improve your networking with tried and true tips provided regularly.

Improved SEO

Incredible SEO! TEAM delivers "unmatched in the industry" web presence!

Skill Building

Learn to communicate in a way that gets you the BEST referrals possible!

Give Back

We have partnership opportunities to "give back" through our "Community Outreach" program.

Meet the TEAM behind TEAM Phoenix Metro

Our Mission is to offer an environment which allows, small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate sales teams, a process of learning to develop top performance and achieve.