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We invite you to take your business growth to the next level of success with our TEAM!  Our networking opportunities and business development is unparalleled in the world of referral organizations.  There is a chapter just waiting to learn about you and how to send referrals your way!

Each chapter is comprised of one business professional per industry/category and each chapter meets on a regular basis.  Chapter meetings (face-to-face or online) allow for open networking or “meet and greet” time, one-minute business commercials/elevator commercials, education, community building, and most importantly, referrals!  We are looking for business professionals who are excited about growing their business and helping those in their chapter grow as well!

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As a member of TEAM Referral Network, you receive:

  • Access to a local (or virtual) chapter of business owners and business contacts
  • Access to the entire network of TEAM members
  • Invitation to “The Big Event” with keynote speakers along with other business resources and trainings
  • TEAM-provided website for your business with valuable SEO benefits
  • Increased exposure to many other people and businesses
  • Substantially increased referrals
  • Access to educational material on networking, speaking, and better business practices


Some ways we are different from other organizations...

  • We focus on the TEAM concept of Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • We support and teach our chapters to be a “Sales & Marketing Team” for each other. As well as a source of expertise and advisory in nature.  This is so the small business owner will no longer need to feel like they are alone out there.
  • Our referral policy emphasizes NEW business.
  • TEAM’s “online community” promotes its members to all network together and refer each other business!
  • Our attendance policy is more flexible than most other “exclusive” networks.
  • We have many major and regional events every year where all of our members have an opportunity to come together, network, participate in workshops and hear great speakers.
  • Our office focuses on marketing our chapters, support for our members and continually further their cause and educating our members.
  • We donate a membership to a local non-profit in each chapter to help them and our members be able to give back to their community. This is our Community Outreach program. We also have a charity golf tournament every year to support our non-profits on a much larger scale.

There are many networking choices out there and we encourage our members to be very active in their communities. TEAM Referral Network can be a “one-stop shop” for the very busy entrepreneur; offering the best of what exclusive networking groups offer; the best special events that regional networking groups and chambers offer; being part of an on-line community; and providing community service opportunities! All in one regular meeting!


Below are some of the features and benefits of TEAM.  Belonging to TEAM really can be compared to buying a membership at a gym.  You get out of it what you use and what you put into it.  

At TEAM, we work very had to differentiate ourselves in the referral organization industry. Below is some information on our organization that really sets us apart from other referral groups. All of the following support is there for you and your TEAM to take advantage of.

  • New Member Training (other organizations charge for this, if they offer it at all) – a 1 ½ hour training on how to be successful in TEAM.
  • TEAM Leaders Training – each TEAM leader is required to go through a 3 ½ training to learn the TEAM system and deliver it to their chapter members.  It’s the system the members have paid for!
  • All training manuals, worksheets, chapter supplies (referral cards, nametags, sign in sheets, flyers), etc. All needed materials supplied on an unlimited basis (other organizations have the chapters pay for their supplies).
  • Director support – your Director is there to assist you and is a paid employee of TEAM (please see Director’s job responsibilities).
  • Networking Kit – card file, badge, Member Handbook, worksheets to assist in your business growth.
  • Your TEAM Chapter Page and Your TEAM Member Profile Page on www.teamreferralnetwork.com presents the opportunity to not only market to your chapter members, but to the entire organization and to the public that visits our site constantly. High SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our members is a hallmark of our site.
  • Workshops, classes and weekly networking trainings on how to grow your business.