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Liz Bayer PhD
Business Name:
Bayer Enterprises
Business Description:
Bayer Enterprises is a Professional Copywrite and Marketing Agency located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I create written content and marketing strategies to retain existing clients and attract new customers. I can work within any business in any industry in the world. I get to know you, your business, your vision and then I write and plan in your voice. I take your stream of consciousness, your endless thoughts and create a decisive, clear and powerful vision that resonates with current and potential customers. Your business is the essence of your identity...let's make sure others understand all the incredible services and products you have to offer!
How Business Creates Value:
I have always believed that one of the most difficult positions to fill in any business is marketing and business development. Why? Because you are looking to hire somebody who has the same level of passion and fire for your business as you do. Yet, this is often difficult to find. It requires passion, trust, knowledge and drive. You have poured everything in your business. Money, time, work, love and now you are asking another to do the same. Most employees are unable, as they can't put themselves in your position. They don't understand. When you hire Bayer Enterprises, I assimilate myself into your business. I learn your voice, I learn your tone...but most importantly, I learn your vision and your story. And then I reflect all of it in a perfect synergized representation of you! I become an extension of you who writes and sells the business with as much passion, drive and persistence as you. You hire me as needed and I make magic with words. Afterall, words are powerful...they can tell your story!
How Member Creates Value:
I am Dr. Liz and I have a superpower. I can assimilate myself into any business and write content and marketing strategies that are reflective of the business, it's mission and vision. More importantly, I can work with multiple companies across various industries simultaneously and transition smoothly and seamlessly between projects. I am known for my intuitive approach to writing and understanding my clients and my keen ability to create a clear message. I've been called a magician with words and I'm excited to work my magic with you. We all need a superhero in our business!

The Bayer Enterprise Difference!

I'm a connector! Beyond representing your written content and creating effective marketing strategies, my goal is to connect you with power partners, new clients and individuals who will help your business thrive. When we lock arms together, we can achieve great things! Are you ready to GROW?

Contact Information

(916) 878-6214


  • TEAM member since 2021
  • PhD, Environmental Law