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Success Does Not Create Happiness

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.” – Doris Mortman   In a world that often equates success with happiness, true fulfillment doesn’t solely depend on external achievements.   I’m not saying that creating success and having things, traveling, calling your own shots is bad. The […]

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6 Steps to Smart Small Business Decision Making

By Wil Chan Making decisions for a small business can feel daunting. In many large companies, teams follow well-established protocols and safeguards to optimize results and minimize risks. But the small business decision-making process often starts and ends with the business owner: you. Why small business decision making is hard Here’s the truth: success in […]

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Networking as a Way to Build Your Business

Start paying attention to the way you develop the network of people that you’re working with. It isn’t so much the number of people you come into contact with, although that is important, but what’s really, truly “Relationship Marketing’ or networking that will GET referrals for your business really is about making a connection to […]

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6 Common Traps to Avoid at Networking Events

by Ginny Hogan Networking events are the watering holes of the professional world.  They’re where connections are made, opportunities are discovered, careers are shaped, and free snacks are had.  However, just like any social gathering, there are unspoken rules-faux pas that can turn a potential career elevator into a free-fall.  To avoid stepping on it, […]

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Words That Sell & Words That Don’t

DO SAY:   “Imagine” – “Imagine” allows them to visualize themselves using the product, being successful, winning. DON’T SAY:   “Show You How” – “Let me show you how”, when used four times or more on any call throughout the sales cycle, drops close rate by 13%. DO SAY:   Use Case Verbiage – Talk about the valuable […]

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Learn to Love Networking

by Francesca Gino, Maryam Kouchaki, and Tiziana Casciaro “I hate networking.” We hear this all the time from executives, other professionals, and MBA students. They tell us that networking makes them feel uncomfortable and phony—even dirty. Although some people have a natural passion for it—namely, the extroverts who love and thrive on social interaction—many understandably […]

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