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5 Ways to Get People to Follow Up

by Jacqueline Whitmore Frustrated. Annoyed. Ignored. These are the feelings you may have felt the last time you phoned or sent out an email or text and never received a response. It’s extremely irritating when a request goes unanswered. How do you follow up without being a pest? There could be myriad reasons why you […]

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Marketing is for Everyone

Receptionists and other front-line personnel usually have more contact with customers than do more senior people.  When we fly, we have more contact with the skycap than we will ever have with the pilot. Expected and encourage EVERYONE to be a marketer.  Everyone – from the receptionist to the CEO – is there to provide […]

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Never Use the “B” Word

Saying that you’re “BUSY” is the quickest way to dry up referrals.  Using the “B” word reinforces any reservations people may have about your level of service and discourages them from sending your more business.  If you appear unable to handle the work, why would anyone want to send you more? When you’re asked “how […]

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Feedback Do’s & Dont’s

Feedback Do’s Be aware of body language; it’s a nonverbal communicator. Be specific when recalling the situation. Be specific when describing the behavior. Acknowledge the impact of the behavior on you. Make it positive. Make it only about the behavior. Feedback Dont’s Don’t assume. Don’t judge the person. Don’t be vague about feedback. Don’t pass […]

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Lessons from the Top

ACT AS THE LEADER  you aspire to be. Don’t go it alone. GET SUPPORT! Speak courageously. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. CONFRONT YOUR FEAR. But don’t let it stop you. Don’t be intimidated. STAND YOUR GROUND. DARE TO FAIL.  But never let failure define you. Advocate for yourself.  OWN YOUR VALUE. LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES amid adversity. FORGE […]

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Fundamentals of Personal Leadership

Take ownership  Don’t make excuses and don’t blame others.  Take personal responsibility for your life.  All of it. Own your mistakes.  Rise above your obstacles. And don’t avoid the truth.  Face it head on.  Because ultimately, it’s your life. It’s your path to walk. Find your passion If you don’t have a compelling reason to […]

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Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s Have a networking plan in place.  Know what you want to achieve from your networking activities and how you plan to get it. Know your own strengths, talents and resources.  Listen for when a situation may be right. Help others build relationships,  Make only those offers you intend to fulfill,  Relationship marketing only works […]

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