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5 Minutes to a More Productive Day

Step 1: Take out two sheets of blank paper and your favorite pen.  Grab the first blank sheet.  Take a few minutes to write out everything your could work on today, or need to work on today. Step 2:  Pick 3 things – the top 3 things that MUST to get done today and put […]

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What to Do if You Feel Stuck

Take a Step Back and Reflect Re-Evaluate Your Overall Path Set New Goals for Yourself Write Down the Progress You’ve Made Learn Every Single Day Seek Advice from Smarter People Stay Patient and Trust the Journey Be Honest with Yourself Don’t Overthink Everything

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Which Time Management Technique Works Best for You

Time management—how we choose to use and organize our time—is something many of us struggle with. Effective time management allows us to make the most of our day, accomplishing tasks more quickly and prioritizing those that will make the most impact. Different people need different time management strategies. If you’re a graduate student, you may […]

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8 Rules for Working A Room

 PRE-PLAN – If you can find out a bit the host, sponsors, attendees before the event, do some research before you arrive to have some conversation starters ready. DRESS FOR COMFORT FIRST – You can be fashionable as well, but remember your priority is to work.  If you feel uncomfortable, you will not be at […]

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10 Secrets to Get More Clients Whenever You Want

By George Meszaro Could your business take on more clients? Companies that succeed are masters at increasing their market share. To grow your market share you need to get more customers. Do you want more customers? Are you struggling to attract enough clients? Is business slower than you’d like? Read on for ten ways you can transform […]

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Want to Get More with Influencer Marketing?

By Shane Barker Influencer marketing has already become an extremely popular form of marketing among brands. In fact, as of 2018, there were over 740 platforms focused on influencer marketing, which marked a major increase of over 320 platforms in just one year. One of the major reasons for this is the high engagement rate that influencers get […]

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3 Potential Pitfalls of Managing Up

By Carley Childress It’s no secret that employees and managers need to build great relationships and work well together to create a productive, engaging, and encouraging environment. This is also ideal for employee retention: research shows that relationships between employees and managers have a significant impact. That’s why we so often hear that employees don’t quit their […]

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3 Powerful Habits that Will Transform Your Productivity

By Janelle Bruland As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we have much on our plate trying to balance work life, family life, and giving to our communities. It’s easy to lose focus and that can slow down or stall our progress. Focus is a “superpower” that can help us achieve extraordinary results and shave hours off […]

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