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How to Start a Business While You’re Still Employed

By Mitchell York A good hedge against the risks of starting your own business is to begin working on building your company while you’re still employed with a full-time job that pays a regular salary and benefits. Here’s why: If you’re in a position to start your business while you’re still employed, you’ll have the […]

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6 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

By Alyssa Gregory Getting and staying motivated is vital, whether you’re striving to reach a business goal, starting a new venture, or managing the day-to-day operations of your business. Lack of motivation can chip away at your confidence and hurt your potential for success. The more motivated you are, the more forward-moving momentum you will create and the […]

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7 Trust-Building Tips To Use In Your Business

By Chelsea Berler Getting customers, clients and employees to trust you can be complicated, but it is imperative for success — perhaps more important than sales. If you get others to trust you, it’s easier to grow and nurture your business and give everyone excellent service. But trust is fragile. If you lose it, it’s very difficult — if […]

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Holiday Celebrations

 As we ease into the holiday season, honoring family traditions and celebrating with our family and friends, we want to be mindful of health and safety. Protecting our health, as well as the health of our loved ones, is an essential part of spreading holiday cheer this season. We want each of you to have […]

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Shift the Impact of Bias by Choosing Courage

By Pamela Fuller Franklin Covey’s approach to addressing the impact of bias, Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential, is encompassed by a three-part model: identify bias, cultivate connection, and choose courage. I think of it as a progressive model driven by introspection. At each stage of the model, there are questions we can ask ourselves […]

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Combat Unconscious Bias with Curiosity and Empathy

By Pamela Fuller In the first article in this series, I discussed the nature of bias and identified how bias can have a negative effect in the workplace. I asked you to consider what you value, where it came from, and how your values align with the values of the people around you. You might find some […]

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The Nature of Bias

By Pamela Fuller In my work with diversity, equity, and inclusion, I’ve come across a lot of people who struggle with the word bias. They believe it is a politically loaded term. They associate it almost exclusively with race and gender. And while bias in the area of race and gender certainly exists and poses a […]

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This is why candidates are ghosting you

by Stephanie Vozza You think you’ve found the perfect candidate to fill a vacancy. You scheduled the next interview, but they don’t show up. Your emails and voicemails are going unanswered, too. Sound familiar? You’ve probably been ghosted. It’s a growing phenomenon in the professional world. According to research from Indeed.com, 28% of candidates ghosted an […]

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