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How to Sell ANYTHING

“5 Essential Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone” by Robert Herjavek The first thing is You’re Selling Yourself. Listen More than you talk. Know Who you’re trying to sell to. Understand What Motivates The Other Side. Keep it Simple.

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4 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety

It’s natural to feel nervous about your business when you’ve poured everything into it, including time, money, and other resources. Your nerves, however, can escalate into crippling anxiety if not managed effectively. Below are 4 ways for you to either manage or overcome entrepreneurial anxiety: 1. Know that your net-worth is different than your self-worth You […]

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JK Rowling’s Rules of Success

Failure helps you discover yourself. Take action on your ideas. You will be criticized. Remember where you started. Truly believe in yourself. Learn from adversity. Visualize to achieve. Persevere. Dreams can  happen. Use your creativity.

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10 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Share

By George Meszaros What are the real reasons entrepreneurs succeed? Some entrepreneurs make it look easy. They start a business and succeed. Others start a business and fail. Then, start another business and fail again. What do those entrepreneurs have who succeed?  Here is a list of some of the most important reasons entrepreneurs succeed: Improve things. Find opportunities to […]

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20 Ways to Stay Calm and Collected at Work

By Joanna Zambas Let’s face it: your entire working life isn’t going to be a breeze, and there will be days that you’ll simply want to pull your own hair out. But whatever the problem – whether it’s a jammed printer, a nagging coworker or a horrible boss that keeps pushing you closer to the edge – […]

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Common Hiring Mistakes for Business Owners

By Sara Greesonback – Glassdoor When you run a small business, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Every client interaction, product, and invoice reflects on you and your company, and one bad experience can make or break your reputation. And that’s why, even though growing your business is a good thing, it’s natural to feel a […]

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To Chat or Not to Chat

By Mike Hicks Over the last few years, offices have become increasingly filled with the sound of soft pings as group messages become the new workplace normal. The rising trend for interoffice communication has spurred an industry of its own as long-standing tools and new players  complete for the eyeballs of employees, trying to establish […]

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Building an Empire Starts with Your Mindset

By McVal Osborne What does it mean to “make up your own mind”? For most of us, this means that you have to make a decision or a choice between several options based on the information you currently have access to. It seems like a simple enough task, but it can often prove to be incredibly challenging. […]

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How to Stop Being Your Own Enemy

by Steve Tobak Success isn’t usually the path of least resistance; it takes a lot of hard work to get somewhere in this world. Likewise, it isn’t that easy to screw things up for yourself, either. You’ve really got to work at it. And some people – particularly overachievers, for some reason – do exactly […]

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