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Networking without Networking

by Phyllis Sa Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you: Hot, sweaty palms. Your heart hammering fast. A growing sense of dread and being overwhelmed. Thoughts running through your head at double, no, triple time. Please don’t walk toward me. Please don’t talk to me. Oh no… If you’re an introvert like me, […]

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Tips for Public Speaking

Know your topic. Research the subject in-depth. This will come in handy if you have to improvise. Practice it out loud. Practice your speech as many times as it might be necessary. Ask your family or friends to listen or simply record yourself to be able to hear your mistakes. Familiarize yourself with the stage. […]

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5 To Do List Mistakes and How to Fix Them

To-do lists can be highly effective in helping you reach your goals. It can help you identify all your tasks, manage your time, and get things done. But there’s a catch — To-do lists need to be optimized. Gone are the days that all you need is a simple list of activities. With the ever-increasing demands […]

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The 3 Costs of Procrastination

What’s the busiest day of the week? Tomorrow. And the busiest time of the day? Later. Yes, we are always, always putting things off. But our procrastination comes with costs. This may seem off-topic from finances, but it’s not at all. How often do we procrastinate in our money matters? Do you have a 401K […]

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12 Productivity Tips from Incredibly Busy People

Have a single purpose Ruthlessly block out distractions Set a strict time limit on meetings Set up productivity rituals Get up earlier Group your interruptions Outsource personal chores Set up email rules to maintain sanity Capture all creative ideas Increase your effectiveness through technology Don’t lose it; read it later Learn from others TheSilverPen.com

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5 Steps to More Clients

Be specific – Thinking everyone is your client is like trying to sell a bald man a curling iron…he probably doesn’t need it…so think about a very specific type of person you want to attract. Know what problem you help with – It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what products you offer; […]

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