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How to Develop Stronger Friendships as an Adult

Did you know that friendships are linked to actual health benefits? According to an article from NPR, friendship has connections to our cardiovascular systems, immune systems, cognitive functioning, and even our sleep! It’s no surprise friendship helps improve both our mental and physical health, but for many, it’s difficult to both develop and maintain strong friendships, […]

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Want to Be More Productive? Try Doing Less.

by Karen Northrup We’ve been taught that if we want more — money, achievement, vitality, joy, peace of mind — we need to do more, to add more to our ever-growing to-do list. But what if we’ve been taught wrong? What if the answer to getting more of what we want isn’t addition at all, but subtraction? […]

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Top 4 Creative Thinking Tools for Entrepreneurs

by ADMIN Are you an entrepreneur trying to tap into the creative realms of your mind and get the most out of it? If yes, then you certainly would want to check out these powerful tools designed to help you become more creative and efficient as you move along on your entrepreneurial journey. First, let’s […]

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