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Networking Tip: Loosen Up

While networking, remember to have fun! If you look grumpy and stiff, no one will want to approach you. Those who are laughing and smiling with others will look more approachable and more fun to work with in the future.  Don’t forget you’re not only looking for new clients, you’re building relationships. www.businessmixers.com

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Networking Tip: Find the Bar

Whether or not you’re drinking, it’s always a great idea to position yourself at the edge of the bar. Many people run for the bar when they get to a networking event in order to get a short respite from an overwhelming entrance. If you position yourself a few steps from the bar, you can […]

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Networking Tip: Choose Your Network

Don’t leave your network to chance. Before make your way to a networking event take a moment to define what you are looking to get out of your network and what kind of connections you want to make.  It’s a whole lot easier to find that diamond in the rough if you know what kind […]

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7 Rules for Holiday Party Networking

By Dinah Eng Real estate professionals often see the holiday season as a slow time for business. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, buyers tend to be less active and sellers may be out of town or entertaining guests, making it harder to get deals done. But that doesn’t mean you have to […]

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Quiz: What Kind of Networker Are You?

Ariella Coombs Networking. It’s a necessity in life. If you want to advance your career, have lots of friends, or find new opportunities, you need to network. Love it or hate it, it’s just a fact of life! It’s a good thing you already network on a regular basis. You’re actually networking everyday – whether […]

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How to Request Referrals Without Asking for a Thing

by Sasha Matista Word-of-mouth marketing is great for every type of business, but it truly is the life blood of small businesses. Not only is traditional advertising more expensive, small business owners and entrepreneurs operate with the understood advantage of being able to offer personalized service the way big brands simply can’t. In a crowded […]

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