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Quick Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder

Stop keeping a million tabs open. It slows you and your computer down. Get up every 45 minutes and move around. When you sit back down you will feel greatly re-energized. Embrace keyboard shortcuts and macros. Shortcuts allow you to navigate your computer more quickly and macros can save time by performing a series of commands with […]

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

Smile sincerely and use the person’s name  – Project a warm energy that draws people towards you. Encourage the person to speak – Ask questions about the person’s passions, work and interest. Give honest and sincere appreciation – Show the person how much you genuinely understand and respect them. Make the person feel important – […]

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How to Sound Polished and Professional

Know what you really sound like – Record yourself having a conversation on your phone’s voice memo app and prepared to be surprised. You likely sound totally different than you thought you did. Lose the up-talk – Does every sentence sound like a question? It makes you sound unsure of yourself and it’s distracting. To practice speaking […]

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Overcoming Price Objections

The most common objections to sealing the deal – That Costs too much! You’re too expensive! We’ve got no budget right now. Step 1 “Exactly what do you mean by that?”  To do: Qualify what they mean by “cost too much”? Compared to what? Competitor? Another product? Not worth it? Step 2 : “More Expensive […]

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