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The Myth of Working Hard vs. Working Smart

Mike Rowe, host of the popular Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, recently highlighted the dichotomy of how we portray work in America — in one corner, the romantic, blue-collar ideal of “working harder,” and in the other, the urban, Blackberry-toting notion of “working smarter.” And while Rowe’s comments were meant to illustrate the contrast between […]

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What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Figuring out what kind of business to launch is hardly a science, but it should be considered logically. Think about the basic entrepreneur make up. While naturally all entrepreneurs are unique under the sun, they do tend to conform with certain archetypes. Some entrepreneurs are really inventors, who view the challenges of building a business […]

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Stop checking your phone in meetings

We all sneak a peak at text messages or emails to pass the time in boring meetings. And yet, we’d also probably all admit that we find it irritating when others do the same. But a new study from researchers at Howard University and the University of Southern California finds big differences in who’s bothered […]

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Negotiating in a Nutshell

Almost everything we do in our day to day lives is a negotiation, from conversations with the significant other in our life, to communicating with our children, to our day to day conversations with ourselves, whether we are buying something or selling something; regardless if it is personal or professional we are always negotiating. But […]

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