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Looking for the Perfect Customer? Look No Further

By Jonathan Raymond It’s never been easier to chase after the wrong customers. With the explosion of online marketing tools, you and your team can spend all day (and all night) doing it. Which is why it’s never been more important that you have something—or more specifically, someone—to guide you. The challenge for today’s business […]

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What Budgeting & Sex Have in Common

By Jonathan Raymond Let’s face it, we’re all hung up about money. It might be the only topic we have more confusion and discomfort about than sex. It’s also one of the subjects that many parents don’t feel comfortable talking about with their children. Let’s open up about it. If you’re like most business owners […]

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HELP is Not a Four Letter Word

By Jonathan Raymond What is it about asking for help, or about accepting it when it’s offered, that is so hard? Especially for business leaders, where did we get the idea that admitting our weaknesses and accepting that we have blind spots is perceived as a fatal flaw – something we have to hide or […]

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Leadership Has Nothing to Do with You (So Get Over Yourself)

By Martin Kamenski The overwhelming majority of content out there about how to become a better leader is always focused on personal development. “Four Habits All Successful Leaders Have,” “Three Leadership Traits to Adopt Today,” “Build Your Leadership Potential …” You need this seminar! Buy this book! Join our peer group for the ultimate personal […]

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Marketing is not a Department

By Bernadette Jiwa We spent $500 billion globally on advertising in 2013. Every year we’re spending more money, to interrupt more people, more often, with messages they don’t care about and don’t pay attention to. We’ve come to believe that the way to succeed is to have an advantage—by being different or better, more visible, […]

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