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How to Talk to Someone New Part 2

Don’t Overthink It – the person you are talking to might not be as skilled in talking to new people as you think Pretend You are in a Game – the rules are to meet as many people as possible. Pretending it is a game can make conversations easier. Practice Active Listening Skills – listen […]

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How to Talk to Someone New Part 1

Start with a Smile – it signals friendliness and approachability. A smile encourages and helps to make the first step. Master Eye Contact – this simple trick tells other people we are open and having nothing to hide. Initiate the Conversation – it is tough but being the first to say something gives you an […]

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When You Only Have 30 Seconds…

TEAM does regular Speed Networking events. Participants have 30 seconds to get their message across. Your standard One-Minute Commercial won’t work in this exercise. You have to be able to describe what you do in 30 seconds. You don’t need to be witty, clever, whimsical or even original to get the results you want. In […]

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