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Prospecting Voicemail Dont’s

Playing “pretend” Pretending you have called before when you haven’t is just weird.  And is usually pretty transparent.  Don’t do it.  Instead, do some research so you have a value proposition from the beginning. Oops…didn’t mean to say all that It’s important to map out your message in advance.  Otherwise, you could hang up without […]

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Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

You don’t have or know who your target audience is – Marketing without a target audience is really just putting stuff out there and hoping someone will be interested. Fix This – Define your audience. Not the Anybody(s), Everybody(s) and Somebody(s), but a specific targeted audience. Figure out who and where they are and what […]

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How to be an Effective Networker

Definition of Networking (from the Small Business Glossary): Developing business contacts to form business relationships, increase your knowledge, expand your business base and serve the community. How to be an “effective networker”: Need a positive and supportive attitude. Belonging is not enough- you need to participate.  Be active! Effective networking requires you to develop relationships- […]

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Every week in your TEAM chapter you will have an opportunity to give a “One Minute Commercial” about your business, and I have a little saying about this time of the meeting.  It is “Facts Tell…Stories Sell”.  What does that mean?  It means when we are telling stories about our business we are really painting […]

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How to Make an Engaging Presentation

Why is it important? – Why should they pay attention to what you’re saying? “After this presentation, you will understand ________.” Personal experience – Bringing some real-life stories can make your presentation more interesting and memorable. Humor – Laughter reduces stress and can make listeners feel more relaxed and open to learning.  Share a good […]

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