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7 Advantages of Offline Marketing

By Stella Ryne Just think about it, with online marketing you have a lot greater reach, you also have the tools to know exactly what kind of engagement and ROI each of these methods is generation. So, in this particular scenario, why would anyone in the right mind go for offline marketing? Well, there are […]

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10 Local Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Considered Yet

By Robb Starr Consider the fact that over half (58%) of senior marketers think local marketing is essential. That’s reason enough to look at these 10 local advertising ideas you’ve never thought about. Josh Turk is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Blitzbet.com. He provided some ideas and one good strategy to start with. “When classic traditional advertising strategies aren’t […]

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7 Valuable Business Lessons Mothers Teach Us

By Rieva Lesonsky Most of us are, of course, grateful for all the things our mothers have taught us. But many of us don’t realize our moms were also teaching us valuable business lessons.   1. Be organized Those constant reminders we may have thought annoying were actually lessons in organization. When our moms were […]

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How to Craft the Perfect Email

by John Jantsch Some small business owners are intimidated by email marketing. Having to write an individual email is scary enough if you don’t consider yourself a writer. The thought of sending an email out to an entire mailing list can be downright terrifying! Fortunately, the perfect email is about more than just writing. And […]

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5 Ways to Thank Customers for Their Business

By Michael Zhou Showing gratitude to your customers is the best way to ensure that they stay loyal customers. Every business owner should focus on building genuine relationships with customers. These types of repeat customers create consistent and profitable revenue for the company. Of course, some customer appreciation strategies can take quite a lot of time out […]

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Creative Email Prospecting Made Easy with Video

by Sean Gordon Sales reps that rely on video prospecting and sales emails see open rates over five times larger than those that don’t and generate eight times higher open-to-reply rates. Consider the following three approaches when approaching video sales and prospecting emails. Transforming the Prospecting Email Path The toughest route: prospecting emails. When heading […]

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