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Successful Networking

Congratulations, you’ve joined a networking group.  You get to come in once a week and the referrals will be dropped in your lap…Wouldn’t that be great? It takes time and effort to become part of a sales team.  When you first join TEAM, we ask that you start with getting to know everyone by having […]

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Networking as a Way to Build Your Business

Start paying attention to the way you develop the network of people that you’re working with. It isn’t so much the number of people you come into contact with, although that is important, but what’s really, truly “Relationship Marketing’ or networking that will GET referrals for your business really is about making a connection to […]

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Networking without Networking

by Phyllis Sa Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you: Hot, sweaty palms. Your heart hammering fast. A growing sense of dread and being overwhelmed. Thoughts running through your head at double, no, triple time. Please don’t walk toward me. Please don’t talk to me. Oh no… If you’re an introvert like me, […]

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5 Steps to More Clients

Be specific – Thinking everyone is your client is like trying to sell a bald man a curling iron…he probably doesn’t need it…so think about a very specific type of person you want to attract. Know what problem you help with – It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what products you offer; […]

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Marketing Yourself in 60 Seconds

by Jenn T Grace A couple of years ago I had a chance to network with the local LGBT chamber of commerce here in Connecticut for the first time as just a member. For many years I’ve been running the organization and always actively promoted what the chamber did but never my business. It was my first day of […]

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How to Get Testimonials and Referrals

by Leslie Treux Today, few people spend their money without first reading reviews or asking people they trust for a referral. The good news is that few marketing tactics deliver new clients or customers as well for little expense than testimonials and referrals. The bad news is you have to have a system for obtaining and sharing them. […]

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