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How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

Buy some breathing room. When an agenda is packed too tight, you spend more time focusing on your schedule than on the moment.  Say no to low-priority items so you can say yes to high-priority ones. Avoid distractions. Give your undivided attention to the person you’re with.  Put down your phone. Stop looking at the […]

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10 Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

By Andrew Moran Tired of the everyday grind? Looking for some professional adventure and challenges? Want to get away from the monotonous 9-to-5, Monday to Friday and daily water cooler chit chat? Well, have you ever considered entrepreneurship? If you’re like the growing number of people discontent with their jobs and looking for something that will […]

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Client Follow Up Email Sequence

You made a sale – YAY!  But you now also have an opportunity to create super fans of the people who buy from you – and these are the emails you can put in place to do that! EMAIL #1: IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE A thank you email with any details about accessing or using the […]

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10 Secrets to Get More Clients Whenever You Want

By George Meszaro Could your business take on more clients? Companies that succeed are masters at increasing their market share. To grow your market share you need to get more customers. Do you want more customers? Are you struggling to attract enough clients? Is business slower than you’d like? Read on for ten ways you can transform […]

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Want to Get More with Influencer Marketing?

By Shane Barker Influencer marketing has already become an extremely popular form of marketing among brands. In fact, as of 2018, there were over 740 platforms focused on influencer marketing, which marked a major increase of over 320 platforms in just one year. One of the major reasons for this is the high engagement rate that influencers get […]

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7 Advantages of Offline Marketing

By Stella Ryne Just think about it, with online marketing you have a lot greater reach, you also have the tools to know exactly what kind of engagement and ROI each of these methods is generation. So, in this particular scenario, why would anyone in the right mind go for offline marketing? Well, there are […]

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