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Combat Unconscious Bias with Curiosity and Empathy

By Pamela Fuller In the first article in this series, I discussed the nature of bias and identified how bias can have a negative effect in the workplace. I asked you to consider what you value, where it came from, and how your values align with the values of the people around you. You might find some […]

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The Nature of Bias

By Pamela Fuller In my work with diversity, equity, and inclusion, I’ve come across a lot of people who struggle with the word bias. They believe it is a politically loaded term. They associate it almost exclusively with race and gender. And while bias in the area of race and gender certainly exists and poses a […]

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This is why candidates are ghosting you

by Stephanie Vozza You think you’ve found the perfect candidate to fill a vacancy. You scheduled the next interview, but they don’t show up. Your emails and voicemails are going unanswered, too. Sound familiar? You’ve probably been ghosted. It’s a growing phenomenon in the professional world. According to research from Indeed.com, 28% of candidates ghosted an […]

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