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Why Professional Networking is Important

It Helps Find Opportunities Find out about the people you are with and see how you can help them. You never know where it might lead. It’s Expected Today, everyone is expected to meet new people and understand the market.  It’s expected that you will network as a part of your role. It Benefits Your […]

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Networking Tip

Don’t ask for referrals or push offers on people you just met.   They don’t know you well enough to make a deal, share referrals, buy your services, or join whatever opportunity you are pitching. Build relationships and provide value, and get to know people first. No one wants to be sales pitched by a stranger.

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Be an ACTIVE Listener

Make EYE CONTACT FACE the speaker IGNORE distractions NOD your head FOCUS on what is being said WAIT for the speaker to stop before speaking TELL THE SPEAKER if you do or don’t understand REPEAT BACK what you heard ASK questions  

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