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A Challenge to All Referral Givers Everywhere

True confessions. I’ve been a member of several business referral networking chapters off and on since April, 2007. Looking back over the years, I can honestly say I could have been a better referral giver. I could have given more and tried harder to make more significant connections for my networking partners. I believe, in general, that I’m […]

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Episode 2: How to Overcome Networking Challenges Professionals Face Today

TEAM Talk Radio Episode 2. How to Overcome Networking Challenges Professionals Face Today with Kelli Holmes, Founder of TEAM. https://anchor.fm/teamtalkradio/episodes/How-to-Overcome-Networking-Challenges-Professionals-Face-Today-with-Kelli-Holmes–Founder-of-TEAM-e360js Today we are going to discuss how to overcome networking challenges professionals face today. (These networking challenges are based on actual concerns professionals shared online!)   * It’s difficult to find a professional group.   […]

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The 3 Words That Define a Business Owner’s Success

That “away from office” message doesn’t signal laziness or complacency. It demonstrates competence and success. By Gene Marks I used to get annoyed when I emailed someone — particularly someone who owns a business — and received an “away from office” auto-reply. Now I get envious. This week I’m travelling with my wife so you’d […]

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Episode 1: What is Networking to You

TEAM Talk Radio Episode 1. What is Networking to You? https://anchor.fm/teamtalkradio/episodes/What-is-Networking-to-You-e320k2 How timely! Today when I opened up my Facebook to see what was happening in the world, I saw this online poll of business owners asking, “what is networking to you?” Here are some of the comments: Networking means building authentic relationships where meaningful […]

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