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Networking Tips for Success

Before the event Set personal goals / Know what you need Prepare business cards Polish your online media presence –TEAM website profile page, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Decide on attire Refine/practice your One-Minute business commercial Download apps  Develop a game plan Bring a networking buddy   During the event Display your TEAM name badge Get […]

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What the H*** is SEO?

Literally, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, this tends to be a scary term for most small and medium businesses. We’ve all gotten those sales or spam calls guaranteeing to get you on the 1st page of Google. All you have to do is pay them $$$ and they will put you in some […]

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Navigating the Buying Process

by Stacey O’Byrne By understanding the common types of sales objections, or how about their buying concerns you can recognize the real issues sooner. This understanding will allow you to quickly apply a strategy to understand, address, discuss, and ultimately overcome sales objections – getting you closing more deals before you know it. Remember if you […]

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Tips for Effective Communication

Use Active Listening – Demonstrate that you are listening by nodding, making eye contact and confirming what they have said. Stay Aware – Be thoughtful of what you say and avoid offending please. Do not talk over people or dominate the conversation. Use Appropriate Language – Be aware of the company  you are in and […]

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Overcoming Price Objections

The most common objections to sealing the deal – That costs too much! You’re too expensive! We’ve got no budget right now.   Step 1 “Exactly what do you mean by that?” To do: Qualify what they mean by “cost too much”? Compared to what? Competitor? Another product? Not worth it?   Step 2 : […]

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What Your Clothing Colors Say About You

What do the colors mean? When selecting an outfit to make and impression,  whether for a career fair, interview, or networking event, colors matter as much as the clothing you select.  Colors do say something to us subliminally, and illicit very different emotional responses.  So be conscious of this when selecting which of your favorite […]

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Quick Tips for No Marketing Time

By Kendall Summerhawk Tip #1 Action follows thought. You get precious few contacts with a prospective client, or even with a current client. Decide in your heart, mind, and body that responding to their inquiries is the lifeblood of your business, not an interruption to be squeezed in where you can find a spare moment. […]

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How To Be an Entrepreneur Without Becoming a Jerk

by Eric Knopf I had a friend working for a startup who recently quit because the founder and CEO was a total jerk. Overhearing some nightmare stories about how the CEO treated his people personally and professionally inspired me to help other would-be entrepreneurs avoid becoming despicable CEOs. 1) Find A Hobby Outside Of Your Business […]

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Be Courageous…Be a TEAM Leader

by Kelli C. Holmes 5 Key Traits of a Courageous Leader   Be a Visionary – What do you envision for your TEAM chapter? Be Passionate – Be the fire in your chapter! Be a TEAM Builder – To be a great leader, you need a great team! Have Integrity – Lead with the right […]

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